True Motivational Stories of Real People That Will Inspire You

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At some point in life, we get stuck at things, and can’t do it anymore, And that’s the moment when you want to hear some true motivational stories that you can relate to your life so that you keep on believing in yourself.

So here I am going to share some of the most inspirational and true motivational stories of all time.

you will realize that, How they became elite class people from very poor backgrounds? They were not born into a rich family, Each of them belongs to poor backgrounds.

This will truly give you a sort of inspiration, and you will find some motivation to work towards your dreams, Because these are real and true motivational stories, from people like you and me.

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1) Tony Robbins’s True Motivational Story (World’s best motivational speaker)

who is tony robbins

One day, I was hovering my helicopter over the same building, Where I used to be a cleaner – Tony Robbins

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Tony Robbins was a poor guy, When he was small He lived an extremely poor life. And also their parents did not have a good relationship because of poverty.

“It was thanksgiving day, And we didn’t have anything to eat for the dinner, My mom and dad were fighting like cats and dogs.

Suddenly someone knocked a the door, I walked to him and opened the door, And I see a big giant guy holding a box with some food.

He asked me if my father is at home, I said yes, and went to my father, I thought if I tell my father about this he would be so happy.

Dad, someone is asking you at the door, (he was not listening to tony) Dad, Common you got to see him.

Ok, fine (said father)  When he opened the door and saw the food, He smashed the door at that person, and said we don’t take charity.

And then he went away and never came back.”

What Changed Tony Robbins Life( Real Inspirational)?

It was a heartbreaking moment, and it hit tony robbins so hard That he decided to change his life. When his father left him, There was no one to take care of his family, So he decided to do something.

It is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped. – Tony Robbins

He did many things, Once he was a sweeper in a building, That didn’t pay his bills well, So he left it.

After some time He became a salesman for James Rhon, Who was the top motivational speaker of his time. Tony would bring him as many clients as he could.

Life Coaching ( A Motivation)

He was a salesman, But that was not the job tony wanted, Instead, he wanted to help people, So he learned Neuro-linguistic programming, From James Rhon.

  • He learned The strategies for fighting anxiety and depression.
  • He learned how to live happily and motivated.

Tony Robbins became a life coach from there, He was able to transform the lives of people. He became so good with his life coach skills, The he even saved some suicidal cases.

Tony Robins Networth For Inspirational Only

Now Tony Robbins have multiple businesses, His net worth Has crossed $500 Million, and he is the most successful self-help author.

If you want to read more about him, I would recommend going through his book, Awaken the giant within.

True Motivational stories next…

2) Dwain The Rock Jhonson’s True Motivational Story (Hardest Worker In The Room)

Dwain The Rock Jhonson

“We were living in an efficiency that cost $120 a week, One day we came home there is a padlock on the door and an eviction notice, My mom started crying and breaking down.

Where we are going to live?

What are we going to do?

Then my mother tried to commit suicide”

Dwain the rock johnson Was once just a simple normal and average guy, just like any other.

But What changed him? How did he become so successful? It all comes down to his work ethic, He is known for the phrase”Hardest worker in the room”.

It’s not about wrestling, It’s not about his body, He did excellent at everything, And that’s the reason today he is so successful.

I wake up at 4:00 a.m, I go to the gym and do my workout, I do it twice before everyone wakes up”  Dwain The rock Jhonson

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They Were Kicked Out Of Home

When Rock was just 14 years, They were kicked out of their home in Hawai (USA).

When they were coming back home, They saw their home locked with a notice, That you can’t live here anymore, That gave her mother almost a heart attack.

She even wanted to comment suicide, She tried to jump into the highway, But somehow Dwain holds her and didn’t let her go.

Dwain lived a Thug life, He was arrested so many times and jailed.

A True Motivational Life-Changing Moment

The moment which changed the life of the Rock was When he met his teacher in a high school.

“In my school, I didn’t like to use boys washroom, Because they suck, So I went to teachers washroom…

One of the teachers spotted me and said, hey you are not supposed to be here, I said aah okay and left… The next day I apologized to him, and he asked me to play for his football team in the school.

That was my life-changing moment, I played football professionally, I played for Miami university…”

When the Rock started playing football, he was 16, and rapidly he got success in this game.  The coaches admired his performance, They knew this guy has special talent…

Seven Bucks in Pocket ( Motivational story)

That’s the heart of all true motivational stories

The rock was playing football for the Canadian league, He was there and something happened.

 “We were playing the BC Lions. I was so excited. Two days later, I got cut. Dreams shattered, sent home with seven bucks in my pocket. I was like, ‘Wait no, I gotta play in the NFL eventually. Those are my big goals. That’s my dream”

He couldn’t play in NFL, He had 7 bucks in his pocket when he came back home. That was the lowest part of his life, He couldn’t even imagine this happening to him. But he didn’t give up and tried something else.

Why Did The Rock Join WWE ( Inspiring )?

It was not that Dwain wanted to be a super start, Neither he was a big fan of wrestlers…

It was because he was injured and couldn’t take his place back in the team.

“There was this guy sapp…

I was sitting in the D-lineman room, I asked him(sapp) What are you doing here? He replied I am going to take your spot…

Like true defensive linemen would do, full of ego, especially down at Miami because we all talked trash, I said Well, you ain’t taking my spot, Then about six months later, he took my spot”

Sapp took his place, and also he got injured, He was out of the team for quite a while, He was having a really tough time, and that’s why he decided to go for wrestling.

That was the time When he joined WWE, It was 1995, and then in 2000, He won a royal rumble, Which games him real fame.

Dwain The Rock Jhons Networth ( For Motivational Purpose)

Dwain is so successful now, After a lot of successful movies and WWE championship wins he owns $266,397,270 according to Wikipedia.

The Rock Says ( Motivational Book)

True Motivational Stories’ next story is…

3) Cristiano Ronaldo’s True Motivational Story(The goal Machine)

cristiano ronaldo

I was brought in a very poor family, We had nothing – Cristiano Ronaldo

must read  cristiano Ronaldo quotes

The world’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was once a very poor kid, He was born in Portugal with a passion for playing football.

Leaving Family For Football ( Truly Motivational)

I think the most difficult time was to leave my family, It was in the same country but it felt look like it was a different part of the world, I cried every day, but I don’t regret it. without sacrifice we can do nothing – Cristiano Ronaldo

When Cristiano was 8 He left his family, Because he had to play in another city of the country.

It was the most difficult decision for him, He would always remember his family, But despite everything, He paid attention to his training, worked hard, and carried his journey.

The clubs that he plaid for were,

  • Andorina sports club
  • national football club
  • sporting Lisbon.

Cristiano Was Bullied

He was bullied at school by his friends, teachers, and even by football teammates.

One day he threw a chair on the teacher Because he made fun of Cristiano being a poor kid.

My teacher told me football won’t give you anything to eat – Cristiano Ronaldo

His own teammates bullied him, Because of his speaking, He couldn’t speak their language, He was from another city.

And whenever he spoke, All of his teammates would listen and laugh at him, That was so difficult for him That even he decided to go back home.

Good But Skinny

Cristiano never hid the idea, That he wanted to be the best soccer player in the world. That’s why a lot of people cracked jocks on him.

When he was at the ground, People would say, Yeah good but Skinny…

He was good with his skills But was too skinny at the same time, So he diced to work on his shape.  He changed his physical looks and became much faster, not only he became better in performance but it looks too.

Sad Motivational Moments

cirstiano's heart breaking moment

There was a time When Cristiano almost ended his career when he was playing for Lisbon sporting club.

He couldn’t run anymore, He couldn’t play football, Now He had two options Either leave football Or do something dangerous. (heart surgery)

This moment crushed his dreams, What if the surgery would go wrong? what if he couldn’t play football anymore?

What questions must have been there in his mind, But after all, He got back at his game, His surgery was successful and he was normal.

Before we knew exactly what he had, I was worried because there was the possibility of him giving up playing football. But the treatment went well and after some days he was back at training again – Cristiano’s Mother

Cristiano Was A Cry Baby

When you see big dreams, but you have nothing in your hands, You have to cry. That’s what happened with Cristiano Ronaldo, He was not strong mentally and would cry over little things.

What I remember about him is that he was a humble kid. And when he didn’t have the ball, he cried. When the team-mates fought, he cried. But he was already a good player. He was faster than average, he already scored a lot of goals and he had great dribbling skills. – Fomer Team Member

Despite the fact he was a great player from the begging, He might have doubts over his dreams, But he didn’t let those doubts shatter his confidence.

He worked towards his dream day and night, And in the end, there was day that changed his life.

True Motivational Life Changing Moment

cristiano's selection for manchester

When manchester hired Cristiano Ronaldo for their team, It was a life-changing moment for Cristiano. Of course, there are many great moments of this legend, But the one that skyrocketed his success story was playing for manchester club.

Alex Ferguson took him for the club, And he was paid $19 Million. He played for manchester from 2003 to 2009.

Cristiano Ronaldo Networth ( For Motivational Purpose)

Cristiano Ronaldo Has earned $450 Million till now 2020. And he is the first billionaire on the Forbes list (Among athletes).

Moments by Ronaldo

True Motivational Stories Next story is…

4) Micheal Phelps True Motivational Story

michael phelps

This could be the game-changer for you And I think this one is the best of my true motivational stories chapter, This guy will burn a fire of motivation inside you…

That’s because no one has ever won this number of gold medals, No player in no game has ever got such achievements as Michael Phelps.

He is said to be the most decorated athlete…

Early life

Micheal Phelp is an American swimmer, He learned swimming at the age of 7 when he was just a kid.

This guy was so much focused, Micheal used to search for the records and would break them.

  • he broke many international records when he was just 10.
  • At the age of 12, he Broke more records.
  • He was the Smallest to play in the Olympics at the age of 15.

He was just 15 and broke many records in swimming, At this time he was still a student in a school. He got 28 medals in 4 Olympics, If I compare that to my whole country, we got a total of just 10 medals.

The Clash In The Family( Sad Part Of The Story)

He Loved his parents a lot, But unfortunately, he couldn’t see them together, When he was just 9 his father divorced his mother.

And then his mother took care of him, He couldn’t believe his father abandoned him, He would cry when he was alone because of his father.

So now nothing was left, It was the only swimming, It was everything for him, The first and the last thing, He made swimming his life and worked hard at it.

Attention Deficit Disorder ( Sad Motivational Moment)

Attention Deficit Disorder

Phelp was not a normal kid, He was having this disease called attention deficit disorder.

With this disease,

  • He couldn’t focus well.
  • His attention span was finished.
  • he could read/write or play.

But nothing stopped him, It was his goal and vision that helped him go through these situations. It was his belief over himself, That I can do everything.

There are always going to be obstacles in your way, Stay positive – Micheal Phelps

His Work Ethic Was To Achieve the Unachievable ( True Motivation For Everyone)

Micheal Phelp always tried to do the impossible, not difficult but impossible.

He wanted to achieve the unachievable, His intentions were to go for the things that the average can’t do. He loved doing hard things.

If you want to be the best, You have to do the things that others are not willing to do – Micheal Pehlps

Whenever he got problems and issues, He brought his purpose and passion in the way, Which would give him inspiration and motivation to get going.

The Impossible Record ( Motivational Stage Of Story)

impossible record of michael phelps

In 1972 marks Spitz created a world record of 7 gold medals in one Olympic. This was said to be impossible, people believe that no one ever will break this record.

But here is Phelps, He doesn’t know things like impossible, He announced that he will break the record of Mark Spitz, Which became the hottest topic of the time.

There will be obstacles, there will be doubts, But with hard work, There are no limits – Micheal Phelps

Phelps Prepared For World Record To Create A New Story

When Michael Phelps announced, That he is going to break the record of mark spitz, Then he started some extraordinary training.

Mark Spitz did 8 hours of training for 4 years, Now if Micheal had to break this record he needed to do more than that.

He did 12 hours of training for 4 years, That’s insane, He didn’t miss any day, whether it’s Sunday, Monday, or any day, it’s a workday.

Something Bad Happened And His Story Crashed

While Micheal was preparing for the Beijing Olympics, Something bad happened, Something that couldn’t be fixed, That gave him a strong headache.

His right arm was fractured, Doctors told him, That you couldn’t use your hands for swimming anymore, You are out.

Possibility over Difficulty ( To Never Let His Story Die)

Imagine the moment, He had already announced that he is going to break the record, But with what, How is he gonna break the record? When he can’t swim anymore.

Again this is Micheal Phelps, He knows If somewhere is a difficulty there is going to be a possibility, He is a possibility scanner, He didn’t make excuses.

You can’t put a limit on anything,  The more you dream, The farther you get – Micheal Phelps

He started training with his feet, Now for one year he did practice only with his feet…

This practice gave him so much extra speed, That no one was able to match it, So when the tournament started, He won the Gold medals one after another.

The 8Th Gold medal ( Truely Motivational)

won 8 gold medals

Micheal Phelps won 7 Gold medals, It was the 8th remaining, with a 200-meter butterfly match…

During this match, The goggle of his eyes broke…

The match had started… There was no way to make excuses…

All the world was starting at the screen, Everyone saying Phelps, Phelps…

The record needs to be broken, All the world is looking at you, They have expectations, Your fans, Your family everyone is thinking of the 8th gold medal.

The Dream Came True ( Huge Inspiration)

Micheal had gone blind, He could see nothing…

But there is a record, a record that he had waited for 4 years. How can he let it go, No way, It’s a dream, It has to come true no matter what!

He didn’t stop, He was swimming, Swimming and swimming…

When he ended, and locked up at the screen, OH MY GOD!!!  On the big screen, There is WR (World record), The moment was incredible.

  • No one could believe in their eyes.
  • The tears in Micheals’s eyes.
  • The mom standing beside him.
  • The fans cheering with noise.

Micheal, you did it, You set the world record of 8th gold medals in one Olympics…

So that was the true motivational story of Michael Phelps who won 28 medals out of which 24 were gold.

Micheal Phelps Networth ( For Motivational Purpose)

Micheal Phelps now owns $65 Million.

True Motivational stories, the next story is…

5) Bear Grylls True Motivational Story

who is bear grylls

I think I don’t need to introduce this guy to you, You are already familiar with him. So now let’s talk about how he become so popular? What is the reason for all this success?

Early life

Bear Grylls was bullied in his school, I don’t know why but he was consistently bullied by other guys, So he wanted to end all this drama.

He didn’t like someone making fun of him, and of course, he was mentally strong, He didn’t want to tolerate these things.

Right from his childhood, he learned how to service? He learned how to handle tough situations, How to deal with them.

Each night we would sleep on the floor in the small wooden Japanese huts and by the day we learned how to fight, the training was so demanding that I didn’t ever encounter such things – Bear Grylls

Bear got a black belt in karate, And guess what? No one could bother to tease him ever again.

This tells me one thing.

  • Don’t talk act.

Bear Grylls Served in Special Forces

Bear Grylls served in Special Forces called ( SAS) in 1994. It was not easy, He was a civilian competing with army people, There were 180 people out of which 4 were chosen only.

So this clearly tells the story that, how difficult it is to be selected in this force? When he was asked about what qualities were required to be selected, This was his reply.

A friend once asked me what qualities were needed for SAS. I would say to be self-motivated and resilient; to be calm, yet have the ability to smile when it is grim; to be unflappable, be able to react fast and to have an improvise, adapt and overcome mentality – Bear Grylls

It almost means everything, This required everything even if you are missing one quality, You can’t get it. That’s it.

Bear Grylls Fell From 16000 Feet ( Sad Motivational Moment)

bear grylls falls

One day when They were on their routine jump, I mean they had to jump from a helicopter, It was their general routine.

But something bad happened, The parashot of Bear didn’t open, So he fell from 16000 feet above the ground and fell on his back.

I smashed the ground from 16000 feet, and the I thought life will never be the same again – Bear Grylls

It was magic, a miracle whatever you call it, But it was not normal. How come he didn’t die? he himself said I should have died.

The difficult Times Of His Story

The Dream of Bear Grylls was to climb Mount Everest( That’s the biggest in the world probably)…

But something happened that he couldn’t even walk, When he fell on the ground, his back was broken in 3 different places.

My doctor told me you will never walk again – Bear Grylls

If ever your doctor told you, you are not going to walk again, How would be that?  Would you still believe that you are going to walk?

Because after all, a doctor is an expert, He knows things that you don’t know, So you have to admit what he says, yeah…

But that’s not the case with Bear Grylls, He didn’t believe what his doc said, Instead he kept his belief in himself and never let it go.

Preparing For Mount Everest ( Creating History and A New Story)

When he was discharged from the hospital around 13 months later, Then he started preparing for Mount Everest.

My Father told me I had to be crazy about something so i was crazy about climbing mountains – Bear Grylls

After such a strong injury, He was still able to follow his dream, He didn’t want to give up no matter what.

It took Bear Grylls 4 months to prepare for Mount Everest, He would wake up at 5 a.m then go to the mountains and then practice there.

To be honest, there is no way you can really prepare(mount everest) apart from being there and getting your body used to it – Bear Grylls

Bear Did the Impossible ( Truely Motivational Scene)

impossible mount everest

Bear Grylls became the youngest to climb Mount Everest in Britain, He got his dream, And now he was a real success story.

After this, he was called to the discovery channel for man vs wild and then he climbed the ladder of success in a nutshell.

To read more Go through this article, Where I have the complete story of him.

Watch Man vs Wild free with 30 days trial

True motivational stories next chapter is…

6) Micheal Jordans True Motivational story

who is michael jordan

Micheal Jordan is said to be the father of basketball, That’s funny but it’s true.

It’s because of his massive records in the game, He was unstoppable, His records include

  • six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards.
  • ten scoring titles (both all-time records).
  • five MVP Awards.
  • ten All-NBA First Team designations.
  • nine All-Defensive First Team honors.
  • fourteen NBA All-Star Game selections.
  • three All-Star Game MVP Awards…

These are just some of his records, I mean you can’t even list all of his records.

So Now let’s go and see what goes around in the mind of this legend.

Early Genius

Micheal was smart from the begging of his life, He never said I can’t do it, But always think about how can I do it?

Selling T-shirt for $1

His father gave him a t-shirt to sell for $1, Micheal sold that shirt in 8 hours and returned back home.

The next time his father gave him the same t-shirt and asked him to sell it for 2 dollars, He didn’t say no I can’t do it But thought of alternative ways to sell it.

He cleaned the shirt, pressed it, it was looking good and somehow he managed to sell it for 2 dollars.

Selling The same T-shirt for $20

The next day, His father gave him the t-shirt, which was similar to the previous one worth 1 dollar, and asked him to sell it for 20 dollars.

Micheal again never refused to sell it, He knew it’s difficult but tried an idea.

He printed the sketch of Micky mouse over the t-shirt and went to a school where rich people’s kids studied. He was able to sell it there for 20 dollars along with 5 dollars tip.

Selling It For $200

Now, this was the real challenge, A t-shirt which costs one dollar had to be sold for 200 dollars.

Micheal realized that there is an event, Where the Hollywood actress Farah is visiting, He quickly reached there and somehow managed to reach Farah.

Farah was walking on the red carpet, When she saw this little boy asking for an autograph she didn’t resist it, and gave him the autograph.

Micheal went out and was selling it for 200 dollars, But to his surprise, someone bought it for 1250 Dollars.

Now that shows the dedication of Micheal Jordan, When he decides to do something, He will do it at any cost.

The Worst Moment In Micheals Life

worst moment of michael jordan

There was a time When Michael was playing basketball in his school team, But someday he was dropped out of the team.

He was dropped because of his height, and his friend took his spot because he was taller.

If you run into a wall, Don’t turn around give up, Figure out how to climb it – Micheal Jordan

When he was dropped, He went to his room and cried for hours,

This moment was difficult for him, He couldn’t believe it but if something has happened there is a reason, and Micheal Jordan would always figure it out.

Micheal Jordans Failures ( Inspiring words)

” I have missed 9000 shots in my career, I have lost almost 300 games, 26 times I have been trusted to take game-winning shots but I missed it, I have failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed ”

Micheal Jordan is a basket of failures, He has failed more than anyone in this world. In fact, he is popular for his failures.

” I can accept Failures, Everyone failed at some point, but i can’t accept not trying ”

First of all, when he was just fifteen he was dropped out of his high school team because of his Height and seniority. So he had to play in the junior team that year.

” I went to my room and I closed the door and I cried. For a while, I couldn’t stop. Even though there was no one else home at the time, I kept the door shut. It was important to me that no one hear me or see me ”

Micheal Jordan made his way to basketball, in 1984, he played for the Chicago Bulls. And from there He became a good player of basketball and created many records. Some decades later when he was retired and bought the franchise himself, They lost 59 games and won only 7.

This was embarrassing, They were losing money, Micheal was putting his own money to run the franchise. He worked hard on the team and made some changes.

Then the following year they won 43 and lost 39, Which is huge a huge improvement.

So those were some famous failures of Michael Jordan after these failures he is able to qualify for true motivational stories.

Micheal Jordan Networth For Motivational Purpose

Business insider reported Micheal Jordan’s Networth 1.6 Billion dollars as of December 2020.

Micheal Jordan The Life ( A True Motivational Story)

So that’s the end of true motivational stories.

Final words About The True Motivational Stories

So what do we learn from these true motivational stories of big names?

They Are Self-made ( They Make Their Own Story)

Each one of these success stories is self-made, They were not rich from the beginning, Their parents didn’t give them anything.

It was only their own efforts that helped them shine through difficult times, and become successful.

9 habits of successful people

They Are A List Of Failures

Each one of them has failed many times, No one came to the top without failing dozens of times.

These failures made them even stronger, They prepared better for the next chance, They saw these failures as experiences and learnings.

Whenever they are failed, They step back and see what’s wrong, What’s not working instead of blaming people or god.

The Dream Big

they dream big

It was never hidden, That each one of them wanted to be the best at their own fields.

Take the example of Micheal Phelp who announced to break the mark spitz record, That was the indication that I am the best, No one can ever do things better than me.

They chase their dream as if that’s the last bus of the night, They don’t care what people have to say about them.

Whenever people talk on their back, They just listen and keep calm.  They act instead of talking.

They Are Not Scared Of Competition( Cause They are Inspired)

If you bother to dream big, You need to be prepared for competition. Because if you want to be at the top, If you want to be recognized as a champion as a legendary person, You need to beat the competition.

And that’s what they did, The prepared more than their competitors, they worked harder than their opponents. Then only it was possible to become great.

So that’s it for the day, I hope this post inspired you and gave you some motivation…

Don’t just read these true motivational stories and forget, Try to become one yourself, be the inspiration of people, give people hope.

That’s it…

Which of the story do you think is more powerful, Tell us in the comment section.

I think it would be Micheal Phelp?

True motivational stories …

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