Touching Story About Life

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Today I will share a touching story about life that will build your hope in humanity.

If you have lost hope in your life and searching for something that will bring your belief and faith back in yourself and you will feel motivated and energetic.

Touching Story About Life

The King

Touching Story About Life

The first story that I want to share with you people is the story of a king.

There was a king who once lived in Asia,  The country that he ruled on was huge and he had good popularity in that country.

The king was extremely brave and always defeated his enemies, Which increased his fame around the globe.

One day when the king decided to attack on the enemies, While during his plan, The other side attacked and the king was injured badly.

The king had almost lost the war, His people were dying, He couldn’t have done anything else, But watch and see.

Touching Story About Life

The plot twist happened, When the king was sitting behind the wall thinking of defeat, he saw something that absolutely changed his minged.

There was no doubt that the king was so incredibly powerful and brave, But he needed something, Maybe god showed him this so that he could muster up the courage and go for the fight again.

So while he was sitting, He saw that ant climbing over the wall.

The ant tried and fall down, again tried, and then again fall down. The ant was consistently trying to get over this wall but it was big enough.

Touching Stroy About Life

The king was looking very deeply at this incident and was observing whether what the ant was going to do.

So, The story continues, The ant tries and falls down.

The king saw something, “THe ant is never quitting”.  and yes that was what he learned from the little ant.

Whatever happens, You don’t have to quit, you are not going o leave the bottle filled either die or do it.

Touching Story About Life

The little ant surprises the king, even more, when it successfully hit the top of the wall and crossed it.

This was a life-changing moment for the king, He noticed that if the small little ant can cross the wall after so many attempts, Why can’t I win the war against enemies,.

I may be defeated at first, but it does not mean the end, I have to go for another try and then another.

Who knows? Maybe I win, Maybe I will conquer the whole enemy base.

Touching Story About Life

And yes that’s what the king did, He collected all of his troops motivated them enough, and went for the war.

He told all his troops the remarkable words,

“Remember it’s not about the win or lose, It’s about the faith and courage. We may not win the war, we may be defeated, But we can’t sit back and look at the enemies climbing the hills of success.

Either get your head cut or get the country back, NO other way.”

That was the only thing that the king needed to say, and boom all the soldiers were ready to dive on the enemies.

Sooner the launch attack and in just little time the finished the while enemy group. They won this war.


Do or die, But never ask why.

Touching Story about Life

China’s Richest Man

There is a misconception spread by people, Which is if you are not intelligent, If you don’t bring in awesome grades you will do nothing in life.

I fact, That’s not true, Jack ma who is the richest man in while china proved this concept wrong.

Jack ma was failed badly in his childhood, in fact, he was failed more than your imaginations.

Failures are part Of Life

When jack ma was just a kid, He got failed so many times.

Jack failed his primary school 2 times, while secondary 3 times. He was rejected in police jobs, KFC jobs. I mean wherever he went he didn’t find success.

Not anyone in this world wanted to work with the little man jack ma. It’s an incredibly awful situation for a man who is poor.

It’s absolutely so touching story about life, That one can’t forget its whole life.

His Dumbness Was The Key To Success

While people don’t believe that dumb people can do anything in this world, jack did it.

Jack ma is a dumb man that can’t properly calculate things, But how exactly he became successful? How he managed to become the richest personality in china?

the reasons are simple, Hard work and belief. This guy keeps believing in himself even when the KFC rejected him.

Just imagine, if you go to the KFC and there 29 guys, Out of them you are the only one who is rejected while all others are accepted for the job.

What would be your situation? What would you think of yourself?

People these days just by failing one thing keeps their mindset of failure. That’s not true, in fact the opposite is true, the more you fail the more you are closer to success.


Never let the hope go of yourself, Even when your own shadow leaves you, YOu have to muster up the courage to come forward and become successful.

Touching Story About Life

Mister Bean

Who doesn’t know mister bean, maybe all the world, or even the universe( Kidding).

So who is this guy, How he became so successful, and why is his story a touching story about life.

Let’s find out in this post.

A Failure

Mister bean when started his career was not that hit, he was actually a failure the lead to a new character bean.

He was an electrical engineer that developed a passion for acting, so he went into Hollywood. But sooner he was rejected for his stumbling voicce.

When he gave the audition, The directors denied it, they actually made fun of him, they thought he would never make it into this feild.

Bean proved them Wrong

When the directors’ of the film told that he is not built for this. He was not depressed, Yes he was hit hard by this word by his belief in himself didn’t go down.

He came with the idea, That he will not talk in his movie, because of the stumbling voice he had to remain silent in his movies and still make it worth watching.

and yes thanks to his stumbling voice, His new character called “Mister bean” became hit in just no time.

People loved his content and movies, They would stand in line to actually get a ticket to one of his movies.

That’s how mister bean became successful.


All is well, You just need to understand what God has to offer you in the future.


So these were the touching story about life, I hope you guys enjoyed these stories and made you believe in yourself.

I wanted to share these stories with you guys so that you can stay strong and do what you want to do.

Don’t go after things that you are not made for that you are doing just because people think you should be doing it. Go after things that you have passion for that you want to do in life and are made for.

A lot of times people lose themselves because of what others think about them. Let them think, it’s none of your jobs to make everyone understand and happy.

If they don’t like you let them not like you it’s not important, What’s Important is your own life and future, You should be happy the way you are.

Don’t change yourself for the people.




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