Success Story of Jack Ma, From Failures to Success

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I was first introduced to the motivation world When I read the success story of jack ma.

Before this, I would always expect that rich people are born rich. Poor can never grow rich no matter what they do.

But the life of jack ma was just the opposite of it, He assured me, If you work hard, You will find your way to success. This man helped me change my perception of money and success.

And that is why today, I wanna share the success story of jack ma with you So that you can go through difficult situations and handle them better.

Jack Ma Life In A View

Jack ma success story

Jack Ma’s Early life

jack ma early life

Jack ma was born in Hangzhou in China in 1964, from there he got his early education. He was not good at his studies and that’s why he failed many times in primary school.

He knew the importance of the English language from childhood, It was his passion to learn new things but this time specifically he was focused on the English language.

Unfortunately, the government didn’t pay attention to the English language, China focused more on its own national language. That’s why he was not able to learn English in school.

Learning English

Jack ma was not going to stop, OF course, there were barriers, There was no way to learn English, But he knew where there is a will, there is a way.

At that time Hangzhou international hotel was famous around tourists. This tourist visited the restaurant then got a trip around the town.

But these tourists faced a problem, There was no local person to educated them about the area( Because Locals didn’t know the English language), So these tourists were not able to completely explore the area.

Jack ma realized this as an opportunity, He waited outside the restaurant and managed to talk to tourists.

He would take the tourists to the historical places on his bicycle for free. But the only thing he wanted to learn English in return.

Those foreigners had no issue with the deal, they were getting free rides, the only thing they had to is, Just Talk.

Jack ma did this job for some time and gradually he learned English. not only he learned English but made new friends too.

One of the tourists gave him this name, “Jack ma”. His real name is Ma Yun,  It was changed by his American friend later, and now we know him by his nickname.

Facts about jack ma

Failures of Jack Ma

The success story of jack ma starts with failures, jack ma is probably failed more times than anyone in this world, in fact, he is popular for his failures stories.

Jack ma does not say to learn from success stories, Instead, he suggests learning from failure stories, Because failures help you understand, That what you shouldn’t do.

So let’s see some of the failures of jack ma.

The Famous Failures Of Jack ma

  1. jack ma failed 5 times in school.
  2. he was rejected at kpc ( Again failed).
  3. he was rejected by the police ( Again failed).
  4. 30 companies rejected his applications for the job( Raining Failures).

In his early education he failed 2 times in primary, and 3 times in middle school. he was terrible in his studies at that time.

He failed his university entry exams 3 times.

When KFC came to China for the first time, 24 people applied for the jobs, 23 were accepted, jack ma was the only guy who was rejected.

He applied for a police job, out of 5  candidates only he was rejected, and all others were accepted.

He wanted to study at Harvard and tried 10 times but never got success.

Overall he applied for 30 jobs, but no one accepted him, after all these tries he thought of doing business, and that’s where the success story of jack ma started.

Initially, he failed 2 businesses, once when he created an online service for Chinese businesses called china pages. where he created websites for china business, it was the first-ever online business in China, but it failed.

He started another company when he saw that there is a language barrier between China and the US. This business worked as a translator between two businesses, but again no success.

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Jack Ma’s Way To Success

jack ma success story

Jack ma failed at many things, but nothing turned his face around, Instead, he always bounced back.

The success story of jack ma begins when he first went to the USA, where he saw the internet first time in his life.

His friend told him about the internet, and the first thing that he searched on the internet was ‘Beer‘.  he noticed that there were beer businesses from Japan, the USA, Germany but not in china. That was the time when he created china pages for Chinese businesses.

The one thing that makes him successful is, He is not afraid to try new things. Jack ma has practiced failures so many times, That he doesn’t care bout failures anymore.

He tried to create an internet company But failed, His first 2 businesses were not able to succeed.

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After his first 2 businesses failed, He was ready to create something bigger.  Jack ma shared his vision with his friends living with him in his apartment.

They were 17 in number and actually all of them like the idea. Jack ma told them about and it’s business model.

When jack received the funding, he started the company with his 17 friends. And this is where the success story of jack ma begins.

In 1999 the company was launched, It was spreading fast, people were using the system and they were happy about it. Their business flew high in the sky.

This company changed their life, they got $5 Million from Goldman Sachs and $20 Million from Softbank. later in 2005 yahoo invested $1 Billion for an exchange of 40% shares. ( Source )

This was a B-to-B company, which means they worked only for businesses, so because jack ma had already good experience with small businesses, he knew better how to run this company.

Alibaba made jack ma a billionaire, He became a rich person, A young boy who was rejected at KFC was a billionaire.


The success story of jack ma continues with Taobao. it’s a B-to-C company, he was criticized by many people, that he shouldn’t tap into this business, but he did what he wanted to do.

You know it, Jack ma is never afraid of failures, He always tried to create something new, even if his old business was going successful, He was rich, But it was not where he wanted to be.

He started this company in 2003, and in just 2 years after the captured 70% market. their biggest competitor was eBay, which lost its market completely and left china in 2006.

Alibaba Group operates many businesses like AliExpress, ALi pay, cloud computing, and some more!) its total net worth is $738 Billion, with 117,600 employees.

Jack ma also created a donation center, which donates money for Entrepreneurship, women, health, and education. till now Alibaba with Ant group together has donated $476 million.


Jack ma retired as CEO fro Alibaba company in September 2019, He wants the younger generation to take care of the company now. these were his words in the resignation letter, 

Having been trained as a teacher, I feel extremely proud of what I have achieved. Teachers always want their students to exceed them, so the responsible thing to do for me and the company to do is to let younger, more talented people take over in leadership roles so that they inherit our mission ‘to make it easy to do business anywhere’. Jack Ma

What we can learn from jack ma

success story of jack ma learnings

The success story of jack ma teaches us a lot of things, but here the 4 most important things you need to remember.

1) Failure is a gift

Failure is progress, i am a normal guy. – Jack Ma

Every one of us fails at some point, what does it mean? is this injustice? does God want to put you down? NO! In fact, when you fail at Something, you have better chances of becoming more successful.

Now think about this, if jack ma was selected for the KFC job, what he would have been doing now? would he be a billionaire?

So when you find yourself in a difficult situation, remember this story of jack ma, He has failed a number of times, but still, he got his way to success.

There are no limitations as to what you can do, It’s just your thinking, it’s just those limiting thoughts and beliefs, that don’t let you do what you want.

So don’t ever listen to those limiting beliefs, Instead, listen to your heart and follow it, Don’t ever look at the ugly side of failure, it’s a gift.

2) It’s ok to be lost

A time comes in your life, when you say, OK, now what? what should I do? you are lost, you don’t see something good.

many people get depressed in these situations, they think we will never do good in life again.

Jack has the same story, he said I never knew what I wanted to do?  I applied for police, KFC, teaching, and many more things.

I became an Entrepreneur I didn’t know It, I started doing business I did not expect it.

3) Face your challenges

Look at challenges, as opportunities – jack ma

The success story of jack ma tells us if you want to get more, challenge yourself.

Jack ma faced challenges every time he did something, when he invented, he faced a lot of rejections. it was because no one else did something like this. his idea was new, an online website for business to business. no one ever thought about it, so attracting investors was always challenging.

The bigger the challenge is, the bigger reward you will get.

4)  Where there’s a will there’s away

If you love something, you don’t need opportunities, you create it.

Jack ma wanted to learn English, but there was nothing to learn from! so what he did? he sacrificed himself for it. he would ride tourists in his town, and in return, he learned English.

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5) Almost Everyone Can Be Successful

When you read about jack ma, You should get the idea that you can be successful too, you can be the next success story.

I am so confident to say that, Because I don’t think you are less than jack ma, in anything. Be that intelligence, education, personality, or wealth, You are no less than him.

If you go to KFC I am sure you will get a job on the first attempt, but it’s not the case with jack ma. He was rejected at a place where almost everyone on this planet will be selected.

That shows he was abnormal, people didn’t even consider him a normal person, No one was willing to give him a job, What so ever!

But where is he now? Jack is now china’s 2nd richest personality, back in 1998 it was impossible for him, He couldn’t even dream of it.


The success story of Jack ma reminds me of a quote,

It does not matter where you are coming from, All that matters is where you are going. – Brian Tracy

Jack ma was born in a poor family, but he didn’t remain poor. he had dreams, to change the world, to do something different.

He did face a lot of difficulties, but in the end, he got what he wanted. this leads me to say All is well.

So that’s it for today, Hope this success story of jack ma inspired you.

What did you learn from this legend, tell us in the comment section?

Jack ma Faq’s

How Many Time Did Jack Ma Fail?

Jack ma Failed 30 times in his career.

How Did Jack Ma Become Successful?

Jack Ma became successful When he created Ali baba in 1999. This company changed his life, they got $5 Million from Goldman Sachs and $20 Million from Softbank. later in 2005 yahoo invested $1 Billion for an exchange of 40% shares.

How Did Jack Ma Become Rich?

Jack Ma became successful by solving problems in the business world. He started Ali baba which was a creative invention in business and solved problems of many people that made him rich.

At What Age Jack Ma Got Success?

When jack ma was just 31, He created his successful company ( Ali baba ) that made him successful and rich.

When Did Jack Ma Become Billionaire?

Jack ma created his first successful company in 1999 with the name of Alibaba, That company made him a billionaire later that year in 2000.

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