Short Inspirational Stories [ To help you believe in yourself ]

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Are you looking for some short inspirational stories to motivate yourself? Then you are in the right place.

Sometimes we need to hear stories to hear, Because we become demotivated by the circumstances, and when we hear stories, We connect better with them.

They motivate us and give us new hope, so here I have compiled a list of short inspirational stories that will inspire you

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1) The Elephant Rope (Limiting Beliefs)

the elephant rope

This is my favorite story on the list Because it shows us how our beliefs transform our lives.

A man was passing through a park, He saw the big giant elephants Who were tied to a rope.

The rope was tied to a very lightweight, It was easy for the elephants to free themselves Because the rope itself was not that strong. So He was amazed to see this scenario, and also he got confused.

Then he asked the owner of the park, And also he was the trainer of these elephants. He asked the trainer, Why don’t these elephants break the rope? Why don’t they free themselves?

The trainer replied, Look When they were just kids( small) I used to tie them with the same rope. At that time they could not break this rope.

So now they are conditioned to think, That they can’t free themselves, Even if they can. They don’t even try because they don’t believe in themselves anymore.


These elephants were able to free themselves, But they didn’t do it. They didn’t even try to do it And the reason was their limiting belief about themselves.

They considered themselves weaker than the rope, Even if they were stronger.

The same goes for us, We are conditioned from childhood to stay away from risk, and do something safe. Don’t limit yourself, You can do anything, Just believe in yourself.

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Short inspirational stories #2

2) The Frog (Avoid Negative People)

the frog story

Once There was a frog, Who wanted to climb up a tree. This was the frog’s wish for many years but it kept it inside its heart.

one day it mustered up the courage and decided that it will climb the tree. But something came in its way.

it saw that a lot of other frogs are telling it not to go up there. Because they thought it’s impossible, and practically if you see it, that’s really not worth trying.

But still, regardless of all these voices, it couldn’t resist not going up. Although the frog needed to be prepared for insult in cases if it didn’t reach up.

Now is the time, Every other frog is shouting, It’s impossible, you can’t do it, You have gone mad, With big laughs.

At this moment there was no way back, the frog had to reach the top or else it would become a shame for him.

After many struggles finally, it reached the top. You know why? Because the frog was deaf, it could not hear other frogs.

When other frogs were shouting “impossible”, This deaf frog thought they are cheering to go for it. And he made it.

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If the frog was not deaf, Do you think it could climb up the tree? I don’t think so! Because negative voices help us say goodbye to many positive things.

If we become deaf to all the negative voices around us, We can do the same. We will be able to get to the top if we try and give our best.

Short inspirational stories #3

3) A Man, His Wife, And Donkey (People Won’t Stop Their Talks)

man his wife and donkey

Once there was charlie riding a donkey along with his wife Jennie, They both were going to the local market to buy something.

A man passing near to him saw this scene, And said, How cruel are these guys, They both are sitting on one donkey.

Such a shame!

The next day charlie dropped his wife off the donkey and was sitting alone on the donkey, so again this man saw them and said,

Such a bad husband, He is not respecting his wife.

The following day, charlie decided to go on foot, But his wife will be riding the donkey, Again this man saw them and said.

How stupid is this man, He is letting his wife ride the donkey alone?

On the last day, When charlie decided that he and his wife will walk on foot, and let the donkey be free. (no one will be sitting on the donkey).

This man saw them and laughed at them. Then the man said,

How foolish they are, They don’t use the available resource, They don’t even know how to ride a donkey.


People will remain people, It’s our society it does not change. You can’t change people, You can’t seal their mouths.

So you should not give a shit to what people think about you, What people say about you! It’s not your job to make everyone happy.

Short inspirational stories #4

4) The Best Artist In The World (Great things Take Time)

the best artist story

Frenhofer was the best artist in the world of his time. he was so popular everyone knew him, He was selling his paintings and earning a lot of money.

One day he decided to create something new, It would be a perfect masterpiece, There will be no comparison of this painting in the whole world.

So he quarantined himself in the home for months, He didn’t come out of his home, and did his best to design something new.

In the end, he made it, He created something that he thought is matchless, So he showed it to the world, But all in vain.

Judges didn’t like it, They asked What are these strange kinds of lines, We don’t understand these things. They are useless, You spent your time on the wrong things.

But it didn’t make Frenhofer disappointed, He knew the importance of his work, so he decided to show it to the public.

Time passed, slowly and gradually people loved it, They realized how beautiful it was, They began to understand the art behind this painting.

From there this one-piece became his identification, People knew him just for this one painting.


Great things take time, If you have an idea, It might be new, but with the passage of time, people will understand the value of your work.

So don’t underestimate yourself, Think big keep on working, and never lose hope.

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Short inspirational stories #5

5) Secret To Success

secret to success

Once upon a young man asked Socrates, What is the secret to success? He wanted to know why Socrates is so successful?  He thought there will be a secret habit of him that I can copy so that I will become successful.

Socrates understood the question, But he wanted to surprise the young man with a practical answer. So he asked the young man to meet him the next day on the river.

They met on the riverside, Socrates took him to the mid of the river, Where the water was up to their mouth.

Now it was the real-time to show him, what’s that secret to success?

Socrates ducked him into water long enough, Then released him. The young man was surprised, He thought Socrates would kill him.

Socrates asked him, When you were in the water, What you needed the most? He replied, Air,  Socrates replied, That’s your answer, That’s secret to success.

If you compel yourself to be successful, If you make success as important as breathing in the air, No one will stop you from being successful.


There is no secret to success, It’s only working hard, There are no shortcuts, You have to grind yourself before you become successful.

Short inspirational stories #6

6) Two Friends (Value people)

two friends story

Once There were two friends Jhon, Alex going on a journey to another country, They were having a nice journey, They were happy and chilling on the way.

But suddenly they began to argue with each other, This discussion became so intense, That Jhon slapped Alex, at this moment Alex didn’t’ say anything.

Alex wrote on the sand,” Today my friend slapped me”. And they carried their journey towards their way.

Some time passed, They reached a place where they had to pass through the river, So they entered the boat and started to ride it.

Right after some time, The boat turned and they fell into the river. John knew how to swim, So he saved the life of Alex.

This time Alex Wrote on the stone, “Today my friend saved my life”, Jhon asked him, When I slapped you, You wrote on the sand, But when I saved your life, You wrote it on stone, Why?

Alex replied, When a friend does something good for you, Write it on stone So that it does not get removed. And when he hurts you, Write it on the sand, so that it flies away with air.


There will be good and bad days, sometimes your loved ones will hurt you, While other times they will help you.

It’s up to you, Do you remember their good attitude or bad ones. I think it’s better to forget the bad ones and remember the good ones. Stay happy!

Short inspirational stories #7

7) A Boy And A Star Fish (Little things Matter)

boy and starfish

Once there was a little boy, throwing the starfishes in the water.

A man was passing by him and asked him what is he doing, He replied he is giving lives to these fishes. Then the man replied, But it doesn’t matter, They are thousands, you can’t make a difference.

The man wanted to teach him, that it does not matter how much you throw, It does not matter how long you through, Here are thousands of these, How can you save all of them?

But the little boy, With a good heart, knew that it matters, So he picked up another starfish, and throw it into the water.

The man thought that this boy is crazy, He does not understand what he is doing? He thought this boy is innocent and does not know anything.

The boy threw another starfish, and said, “I made difference for that one”.


Little things in life matter, We don’t value little things, But it’s that one small thing that creates the difference in your life.

Short inspirational stories #8

8) A Farmer And His Dog (Importance Of Goals)

a farmer and his dog

Once there was a farmer who had a dog.

The dog would wait by the roadside and see the cars coming. When a car would come near to him, The dog would run behind it and tried to overtake it.

This was the habit of the dog, It would do it daily, There was no day passed that the dog didn’t do it.

One day the neighbor of that farmer asked him, will ever this dog overtake the car, Will he be successful doing this? The neighbor asked this question Because he was fed up with this dog doing meaningless things.

The farmer replied, that’s not the question, That’s not what bothers me. I don’t care if he will ever reach this car or not.

But what’s disturbing me is, Even if the dog reaches the car, What will happen? nothing.

The dog won’t get anything even if he manages to overtake the car. It’s useless.


Sometimes we do things that don’t mean anything. Even if we become successful doing it won’t do any good for us.

So always create goals, Know what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Stick to what’s important.

Short inspirational stories #9

9) A Gold Miner (Don’t quit)

a gold miner

During a gold rush, There was a man who was mining gold.

This man tried his best to find treasure/ gold but he couldn’t. He tried months after months and he was getting nothing but losing money.

This made him curious, Whether he should mine or not. Because he was really seeing nothing, There was no sign of success.

He had two options to keep on working, and believe in himself. And another option was to sell it to someone else and profit a little.

As there was nothing he found, So he decided to sell his equipment to another miner, But his engineer advised him that he was very close to get the gold.

But he didn’t listen to his engineer, He thought it’s over, He will never see any gold, So he quit it.

The new miner didn’t take any time to find the gold, He took advantage of the hard of the first miner, and found the gold right in 3 days.


Sometimes we are so closer to success, But we suddenly quit it.

The fantasies of quitting look so bright, It feels like if we quit everything will become right, The stress will go away, But we don’t know how close we might have been to success.

Short inspirational stories #10

10) A Man And A Butter-Fly (Struggles make you Strong)

a man and butter-fly

Once there was a man, who found the Butterfly Cocoon. He was watching for a long time.

He wanted to see how a butterfly manages its way through the cocoon. While he was watching this scene he found that the butterfly is having a hard to get out of it.

This butterfly was trying to get out of a very tiny place, it needed to force itself, or else it would remain there.

So butterfly was in its progress, It didn’t give up, But the man didn’t like it. He saw that it’s very difficult for butterflies to get out of this zone, I should help it.

He was a kind man, he couldn’t see the butterfly in a difficult situation, So he helped the butterfly.

then he took it out of the cocoon and allowed it to fly away, But something bad happened. He watched the butterfly for hours and hours, But it didn’t fly.

Instead, it was crawling on the floor. The men astonished, he was surprised, He wanted to know Why is this butterfly not flying? After watching it for some time he realized that it couldn’t fly.

It was because the butterfly wings were not tight enough,  The restricting cocoon and the struggle required by the butterfly to get through the opening was a way of forcing the fluid from the body, into the wings so that it would be ready for flight.


Sometimes the struggle is exactly what you need. It’s the secret to success.

It is helping you to find your best self, It’s training you for the tough situations ahead.

Short inspirational stories #11

11) Little Boys And A Waitress (Don’t judge too quickly)

little boy and waitress

Once There was a little boy who went to the local restaurant.

He wanted to buy, Ice cream, So he asked the waitress, What’s the cost of ice cream? The waitress replied 2 Dollars.

He counted his money, and then asked again, What’s the price of a milkshake? The waitress looked at him so angry, Because there were a lot of people already waiting at the table, She had to serve all of them.

She replied 1.5 dollars.

The boy again counted the money, and asked her what’s the price of the water bottle? This time waitress was exhausted, People were waiting for her, She had to take other orders too.

But the little was there, Whose questions were not finishing. She somehow managed her emotions and replied  1 dollar.

Now this time the boy ordered his bottle of water. The waitress took his order and went away.

The boy paid the cashier and went away, So when this waitress came to his table, She couldn’t stop her tears, She saw 1 dollar on the table. Which was a tip from the boy.

The boy was asking the price, again and again, Because he wanted to give tip to the waitress. He would calculate his money again and again.


Don’t judge people too quickly. What you see is not always true, Sometimes the opposite is even the reality.

Short inspirational stories #12

12) Giraffe And It’s Son (Difficulties make you strong)

Giraffe And It's Son

It’s not a fancy imaginative story, But a real-world inspiration.

Gary Richmond studied wildlife for a long, So he found out about how a giraffe baby is born, and then it’s way to growth.

When a baby is born, The Mother giraffe wants it to grow stronger, Because they are so tall, They can’t stand quickly, it should be trained.

The mother giraffe looks at the baby and waits for 1 minute, If the baby doesn’t stand The mother does the cruelest thing.

She kicks the baby and asks it to stand, but if the baby does not stand, she kicks it again and watches if the baby has stood or not.

She does it time and again, Why? Is the mother giraffe cruel, No She does it so that she can train her son?

Because in the jungle they need to survive, They are tall, So when they are standing nothing can hunt them, But the trouble is when they are sleeping on the ground and the loins attack them abruptly.

This is the time that they need to stand as quickly as possible, and this is why the mother giraffe kicks the son.


In order to grow stronger, You must go through difficult times, YOu can’t grow in easy situations.

Nothing great comes easy.

Short inspirational stories #13

13) A Window in Hospital (Inspire The Next)

a window in hospital

Once upon a time, there were two men in the same room of a hospital, Bob and harris.

Bob was allowed to stand for one hour in a whole day So that the fluids in his lungs would flow away. And the harris would spend all his day and night sitting straight. (not even moving).

There was a window next to bob, The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats. Young lovers walked arm in arm through flowers of every color of the rainbow. Grand old trees graced the landscape, and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance.

Bob would explain everything that he saw to harris, And harris by listening to him would get happy.

Time passed and bob died, This made harris so sad, There was no one to tell him about the outside world. So he asked the nurse to take him near to the window.

The nurse took harris to the window, He saw that it was nothing else but just a picture and a printing. he asked the nurse, How did he find this beauty through one picture only?

The nurse replied, “He was blind and probably just wanted to inspire you”.


No matter how difficult is the situation, Inspire others. Give them hope, Even if you are hopeless yourself from inside.

Short inspirational stories #14

14) The Wise Man (Worrying Won’t do anything)

a wise man

Once there was a wise man living in a village.

The people of the village would come to him and his him for their problems, The wise man would give them their answers.

This was the job of a wise man, But after some time a tragedy happened.  All the people would ask the same problem over and over again.

This confused the wise man, He wanted to show them That they should find the answer instead of complaining only.

So he came up with a solution, He told them a jock one day, all of the people laughed and enjoyed it. the next day wise man again told the same jock the laughed and enjoyed little.

The third day when the wise man again told the same jock, none of them laughed and it was looking boring. So the wise men told them.

If you just think of a problem over and over it becomes a burden, Instead if you try to solve it, you will get the answer.


Thinking won’t solve the problems, Complaining about problems will make it more complex for you.

Just create a solution and take action, It will lead to a positive outcome.

Short inspirational stories #15

15) All Is Well

all is well

There was a king in Africa, Who had a friend, that would label everything “it is good”.

One day the king went into the jungle for hunting. So his friend prepared the gun for him to fire shots. unfortunately, the friend didn’t understand the gun properly, as a result, the king lost his thumb.

The friend again said “it is good”, This time the king was so angry, He had blown his finger and the friend was saying is good.

How come it can be good? I have lost my finger It’s not good ( Said king). With that said king sent his friend to jail straight.

After some time the king again went into the jungle for hunting, This time he was captured by people of the jungle called cannibals.

cannibals would eat humans, they hunted humans and then ate them, and this was the turn of the king. They prepared the stack and tied the king on the stack.

But they saw that the king does not have a finger, and it was their tradition that they didn’t eat someone who was not complete in himself. This was the luck of the king which is why he remained alive.

The cannibals sent the king back to his palace, From there the king realized that everything that happened was good. He went to jail and asked him”Pardon me for being so Rude”. The friend said, “no it is good” ( it is good that I am in jail).

The king said, how is it good, You have been in jail for 1 year.  The friend said it is good because if I was with you They would eat me (because he was complete).


Everything happens for a reason, and the outcome is always going to be good.

Believe that all is well, Current situation might not be good, But your future is always going to be good.

Short inspirational stories #16

16) A Busines Man in Debt

business man in debt

Once There was a businessman who was in debt. ( Imagination)

He had lost a lot of money in his business, And how he was in debt, The creditors and suppliers were asking him for money. but, he didn’t have any.

So He was so confused, He didn’t know what to do now, at a moment he thought of suicide, But then an old man appeared to him.

He was sitting on the bench, thinking about his future, looking confused, The old man understood the problem.

The old man asked him, What’s the problem, young man? He replied, I have lost money in my business, I don’t have anything. What should I do?

The old man gave him money? 500 thousand dollars, He was amused, Surprised by this kind act of him, and the old men went away.

Later on, he realized That This old man was the richest man in his town named Richard. well, Whatever he took that money, and started thinking.

He had two options.

  1. Give money to suppliers and keep running your business.
  2. Hand over this money to the bank, and avoid dealing with loans.

One option would give him temporary happiness, and satisfaction, He would fine, His home will be saved.  But the other option would give him long-term happiness.

For sure, If he keeps running his business, There will be stress, uncertainty, What if he loses money? What if he lost his house in the loan? all these thoughts were roaming around his head.

But he decided to run a business, Time passed, He spent a lot of days in stress, uncertainty. He didn’t know if it’s going to work or not.

And after 2 years, He was at the point where he was making 1 million dollars per month Because he tolerated the temporary stress which allowed him to live a better life.


Have a long-term vision, Don’t get distracted by short-term satisfaction as it does not last long.

Short inspirational stories #17

17) Don’t blame others

don't blame others

Once there was a king of a country, who was very clever.

He wanted to know about his people and also wanted to inspire them for doing work instead of blaming others.

He kept a boulder on the road, and just noticed what people are going to do? and what is their reaction? to his surprise, no one did anything to remove that boulder.

Everyone was blaming the government and people, They would say, “What kind of government this is?”, These people are so foolish, how come they left a boulder on the road? Why does no one care about this country?

They were just blaming one another, but no one was ready to move it from the road? after a long time one poor farmer was passing on the way.

He noticed this boulder, but he didn’t blame anyone, Instead, he tried to pick it and move it aside. After all, it was not easy for him to move that boulder, it was too heavy for him.

But somehow he managed to move that boulder aside, and guess what? he got a box.

He was amused to see that, And when he opened that box, He saw gold coins, and also a letter from the king.

“Whoever picks this boulder, He will get these coins as a reward”.


These days people blame the government and other people for their failures.

If we just try to do our job, If everyone does his/her own job, This world will become a heaven, We will see peace and happiness all around.

If we become responsible!

Short inspirational stories #18

18) The V8 Engine By Ford

v8 engine

This is the real story of ford’s company CEO.

He wanted to invent something new, something that was not ever built in the industry of cars. So he came up with a new idea.

Ford Shared his idea with engineers, He thought it is a history-making thing, but the engineers created another drama.

They told, you are our employer, we respect you, but it can’t be done, They told henry, it’s impossible to create a v8 engine, How can we do it?

Henry Ford was a stubborn person, He wouldn’t give up on his dreams, He kept high standards for himself.

After listening to the engineers, Henry told them to do it no matter what! ” I don’t care, do it, do it whatever it takes, If it’s possible or not I don’t give a shit” ( he might have said)

Time passed, but the magic didn’t happen, They couldn’t see this happening, Henry was doing nothing but losing money. People thought henry has gone mad, In fact, his own engineers were considering him insane.  After all, it was practically not possible to make this engine.

2 months passed, 6, 8, 10, 11… months after months passed but results were nill. They were not even close to the idea, engineers were at the point to give up, they were stressed, disappointed, exhausted, and angry.

Right after one year, they did it, It was the moment they waited for one year, 365 days. It was their hard work, Their belief that kept them working.

They created the v8 engine, If you look at it practically it was impossible. Thye did the impossible Because they believed in themselves.


Nothing is impossible, If you are determined to do it, no one can stop you.

It’s just your limiting beliefs that keep you down. Don’t let the negative emotions decide your life, Live the kind of life that suits you. there are no limits to what you can do.

Short inspirational stories #19

19) A man And His Donkey

a man and his donkey

Once upon a time, There was a man who had a donkey.

He Loved this donkey so much, they spent a lot of time with one another. So one day this donkey fell into a water well.

Well, There was no water in it otherwise the donkey would have died, So still he had a chance, right? But this man became hopeless.

The man thought it’s over, my donkey has gone, I can’t get it again, I will never be able to see it again in my life.

So he wanted to bury it alive, he couldn’t see the donkey being down there alone, that is why burying the donkey felt a better option to him.

He poured the soil from above, he was at the point to burry this donkey.

The man was crying and pouring soil, but the donkey did the reverse.  When the man poured soil donkey would shake itself and get over it.

This way donkey helped itself to get to the top, till midnight the water well was filled with the soil, and the donkey was over it.

When the man saw the donkey he couldn’t believe it, He was delighted and cheerful, It was a magical moment.


learn from your problems, each problem brings opportunities, it’s up to you how you see them.

Short inspirational stories #20

20) Potatoes, Eggs, and Cofee Beans

potatos, cofee and eggs beans

Once upon a time, there was a chief who had a daughter.

They lived in the village, The daughter was not happy, She would always complain about the kind of life she had.

His father took her to the kitchen, Then he took an egg, a potato, and coffee beans. He put them into 3 pots and boiled them.

After some time The chief asked his daughter, See, what happened? the daughter replied, I don’t know what’s there in it.

The chief replied, look closer, He took the potato and asked her daughter to touch it, and said, It has become soft from hard.

Then he took eggs, and said, It became stronger from inside.

And lastly, he took coffee beans, and said, They turned the whole water around and made it coffee.

  • The potato was very strong at first, but when it was boiled it became softer.
  • The egg was softer from inside before boiling, but after it was boiled it become harder from inside.
  • coffee remained the same, it didn’t go soft or hard, but it changed the whole water.

Then he asked his daughter which are you?


You will face difficulties in your life, It’s up to you how you deal with them.

  • Will you act like a potato, That becomes soft.
  • Will you become an egg, That becomes stronger from inside.
  • Orr will you become the coffee beans, That turns around the whole situation in its favor.
Short inspirational stories #21

21) The Shark And Bait Fish

the sark and bait fish

Once marine biologists experimented on a shark.

The shark was placed into a large tank with water in it, and it was left there for a few minutes.

After a while, they released some baitfish, Which the shark would eat in one bite, Whenever the released baitfish the shark attacked them and finished them in a fraction of a second.

Then the biologist released strong fiberglass in water, to make one separate section for the baitfish.

Then they left some baitfish into the separate portion, When the shark saw them it would attack them, but due to the fiberglass, the shark wasn’t able to reach them.

This shark gave many tries to break the glass, but it couldn’t. The shark was hungry and couldn’t imagine seeing the baitfish in front of it.

But what to do, There was no way The shark could eat them, so it gave up. The shark didn’t try anymore.

Then the marine biologist took the fiberglass out to see how the shark reacts, But the shark didn’t do anything. Even it didn’t try to attack the baitfish, guess why?

It’s because the shark was trained to believe that the barrier existed. Although it was not, There was nothing in between the shark and baitfish.

The baitfish would swim happily.


We are trained to believe that we can’t do things that no one did. We are trained to avoid new things, to just follow what we have been told, and don’t find our own way.

Don’t listen to people, Who knows you might have a special talent.

Short inspirational stories #22

22) The Rock, Sand And The Pebbles

rock, sand & pebbles

once upon a time a philosophy teacher took a jar and filled it with rocks.

He asked the students, Is it filled now? The students replied yes it’s filled.  Then he took the jar and added some fables, The teacher then asked, Is it filled now? the students replied yes sir.

Then again he filled it further with sand and asked the student if the jar was filled. The students replied yes it’s filled.

So what do we learn from this?

The rocks in your life are the thing, Without which your life will not be normal. Such as family and happiness.

The fables are also important parts of your life, but not as important as rocks. Such as job, income, popularity…

The sand is the part of your life but they are not important, Such as social media, likes on Facebook…

Fill your life with rocks, they are most important. Then look at fables but don’t pain for them, They are temporary. and lastly sand it’s not important at all, avoid id.


We need to fill our life with happiness. which can be done with gratitude.

Happiness is a choice, not a condition. so why not choose to be happy.

Short inspirational stories #23

23) Glass Of Water

glass of water

Once there was a psychologist on the stage of the auditorium, which was filled with the students.

He had a glass in his hands that were half-filled with water, Students thought it would be a typical question that is always asked, (Is the glass half empty or half-filled).

But not, he had a different question, That was, What’s the exact weight of this glass? This was an interesting question, Students gave them their own opinions.

Some said 10 ounces, some thought it’s 12 ounces, but it was not the answer. The psychologist replied It depends.

If I hold it for 1 minute, Its weight will not affect me, it won’t feel a burden, But if I keep it held for one hour it will feel like a burden.

I will not be able to hold it properly, But if I did it for one day, Probably my arm will become paralyzed and completely numb and I won’t be able to use it.

The students were astonished to see that, Then the psychologist carried his speech.

The same goes with our thoughts, The more we hold it the more we become stressed. If we think for a moment about something it doesn’t feel a burden, But if we keep on thinking about the same even for longer, Then we will become stressed.


Overthinking is a big problem in the modern world, 73% of young adults are overthinkers.

Stress is the reason for overthinking, The more you think of something the more it feels difficult to you. So avoid overthinking.

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Final Thoughts

So these were some short inspirational stories. I hope it motivated you and I Expect that you will not keep it yourself only.

Share it with your friends, So that they will get some motivation too.

The biggest favor that you can do to someone is to help him/her get some motivation, When they are sad and hopeless.

So that’s it, thanks for being with me.

Which story was motivating enough, tell us in the comments?

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