Rich Vs Poor Mindset

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In this post, you are going to learn about rich vs poor habits.

The only thing that makes rich people rich is their thinking. Rich people are futuristic, They believe in hard work and actions.

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And what makes poor people poorer is their negative attitude. They never believe they can’t get rich, no matter what they do, Their only excuse is ” I don’t have money”.

You don’t need money to earn money, Don’t believe me, See these few examples,

These are some examples that should motivate you to think, That you don’t need money to earn money, it’s your mindset that will make you rich.

Let’s analyze the rich vs poor habits.

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Rich vs poor mindset

1) Rich People Do business

Every rich person in this world is a businessman, There are some exceptions but over 95% are definitely business owners.

66% of the millionaires around the world own their business, that’s alone enough to tell the importance of doing business.

Some people think rich people are rich because they are lucky, They got money from their parents which’s wrong.

These statistics show that 86% of rich people are self-made millionaires, That didn’t get it from their parents.

Poor people never do business, they always rely on jobs, they are told to make sure their future is secured, These people are never interested in doing their own business.

Key points,

  • Rich people do business,
  • They are self-made.

2) Rich People Create Problem Solving Products

rich people sell products

Now my second point backs up the first point too, Rich people solve problems and then earn money.

If you wanna do business there are no better options than solving a problem and then selling it in a form of a product.

Of course, You can do any business, but the success rate is different, If you find something new, something that’s never been tried, your chances of becoming a millionaire are huge.

Think about why TikTok become so successful in such a short period, Why did it become one of the best companies in the world? why it’s the 2nd most downloaded app in the play store.

It was because,

  • they created a problem-solving product,
  • they identified the needs of young aged boys and girls,
  • and then brought a solution in the form of an app.

That’s why they are rich now.

While poor people do things that are common in people, if they had to do a business, they will pick something easy and that everyone else is doing.

If something is at its peak, meaning if everyone is trying to make money from it, Your chances of becoming a millionaire in that business are quite less.

Either you need to invent something, or do existing business but in a different way.

Key point,

Rich People solve problems.

3) Rich People Have Multiple Streams Of Income

multiple source of income

Rich people never have one source of income, They create multiple income streams, that if one source goes bankrupt the other will keep paying him.

65 percent of millionaires have at least 3 sources of income, Which means a major portion of the millionaires is busy investing in new businesses.

That’s practically a good idea, Becuase you never know which business will do well and which will do worst, Mix combination is going to cover the losses if happened.

But Poor people don’t have time to do everything, They want to stay on one path because for them it’s not possible. They don’t think one can earn cash from multiple streams.

Key point,

Rich people don’t depend on one source for their income.

4) Rich Plan Their Money

rich plan their money

62 percent of worldwide millionaires plan their finances.

Rich people care for their money, They just don’t spend money without knowing where each penny is spent. This is the reason they can have a good amount of savings.

They understand the importance of money journals, that’s why a very huge number of millionaires are doing it.

While poor people spend money without tracking where this money goes, so by the end of the year they don’t understand where all the dollars went.

There are some really unnecessary things that we pay for, That’s where your money journal comes into play, if you can stop them, You will not go broke easily.

Key points,

Keep track of your expenses.

5) Rich People Manage Their Time Well

manage time well

In a study called Rich habits, it was shown that rich people put at least 50 hours of work each week, Wich means 8 hours or more per day.

Rich people take care of their time, they know, Time and tide wait for none, Once it’s gone it’s never going to come back, so better use this time to do something productive, and stop being lazy.

Rich people don’t watch tv,

  • 67 percent of rich people watch tv less than one hour a day,
  • and 63 percent of them take less time internet.

Poor people on the other side love watching tv and spending their time on social media. entertainment is the most loved content by poor people.

They have nothing in life to enjoy, that’s why they turn on their cell phone and make themselves laugh watching other people.

If you want to be among rich people, you are going to turn the tv and social media off and get to work.

Key Point,

Rich people manage their time, and they do it with a to-do list.

And they are not always available to everyone.

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6) I Wish: Rich Vs Poor Habits

stop wishing

Poor people are wishy, There is nothing in this world that the poor don’t want.

I wish I had a bike…

I wish I had a sports car…

You have seen such people, and probably you have done it too. When someone can’t afford anything, They will say I wish…( That’s a bad attitude towards money)

Becuase it’s just out of their reach, What else can they do instead of wishing for it.

Stop wishing

If you want to get something, then step one is to stop wishing and start working for it.

Rich people don’t wish, If they like something their approach is,

  • They make strategies.
  • They ask questions from themselves,
  • and if it’s is possible they get it.

Rich people find out the way to get what they want, That’s the number 1 difference between rich and poor mindset.

(This is something scientist found recently, Why some people are successful and why others are not, Become success magnet, by watching the video presentation)

money magnet

Key Point,

Rich people don’t wish, They act.

7) Poor Are Problematic

Poor Are Problematic

Poor people always have a problem to offer, while rich people have solutions for each problem.

When poor people think of a business idea, They find many problems in it, and without even starting they avoid it. They assume that the business will fail.

While rich people find solutions to their problems, Of course, we have problems in life and business, rich people don’t turn their back on problems, They offer solutions to the problems.

When you think of an idea, and then you say, “what if I failed”, You have already failed, Don’t try it. Becuase there is nothing in this world that’s 100% guaranteed, That you will pass it.

Failure is always possible, so instead of finding problems, the rich focus their radar on solutions.

Key Point,

Rich people turn their no’s into yes, By focusing on the possibilities.

8) Poor Finds A Way Not To Do Anything

not to do anything

If you ever discussed your idea with a person, you have done something horribly wrong. Because these people have 100 ways not to do anything.

They will do their best to convince you that you can’t do it, That there are so many hurdles that you will face and eventually that will fail you.

it’s because of the Three reasons,

  • Their limiting beliefs.
  • No confidence in their decisions.
  • Fear of failure.

On the other side, Rich people will have dozens of ways to do something, They focus on the possibilities, these people are possibility scanners.

They will bring 100 ways to do it, rich people know that it’s going to be difficult because there is nothing in this world is easy.

Nothing easy comes great.

Key Point,

Poor are difficulty scanners, Rich are possibility scanners.

9) Rich Don’t Try To Prove Anything

not born to prove


One more difference between the rich vs poor habits is, Poor, wanna show off, They want to show this world, That they are rich and should be respected.

Rich people know that wearing expensive jewelry and jeans won’t make them look good, They don’t want to waste their money proving to people they are rich.

Poor will do anything to buy Gucci, Which costs more than a thousand dollars. They are ready to sell their home, but they can’t bear buying low-cost jeans.

Why poor buy expensive products?

  • Becuase they wanna look rich.
  • They want to tell the world, I can buy anything.
  • They want to show, I am not less than you.

Rich people don’t take these things as something important, They don’t care whatever you think of them, they know their self-worth.

Rich focus more on,

  • How to improve my life?
  • What will make my life easier?

Rich people focus more on the quality of their life, Then showing off.

Key points,

  • Rich don’t decorate themselves with their money.
  • Poor buy expensive products to look cool.

10) Rich People Invest In Learning

rich invest in learning

Rich people know that they are not perfect, They need to improve themselves no matter where they are.

Every successful person in this world has a mentor, If that is Messi, Ronaldo,  or Mike Tyson, They still have mentors, and they learn from these mentors.

You can’t expect to be rich if you don’t learn, If you are not ready to invest in learning and improving yourself, there is no way you can be successful.

That is why poor people remain poor, they save money when it comes to learning, These people forget about saving when they buy expensive brand products.

Poor people don’t believe in learning, they think it’s just luck and they constantly try to find shortcuts to earning money.

If you are poor, Don’t stay poor, Learn about making money, get into the mind of rich people, You can do that by smashing that banner.

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Key Point,

Rich people find a mentor and learn from him.

11) Rich Focus On Passive Income

rich focus on passive income

Rich people are highly focused on passive income, They don’t want to trade their time for money, instead, they want their money to work for them.

Remember in  Rich Dad Poor Dad: Robert Kiyosaki said, Rich Don’t work for money, they make the money work for them.

This statement was enough to shock poor people, and when I heard it at first I was amazed too, but then the explanations cleared what he meant.

Poor people have to do their jobs each day, They can’t afford any leave, They have to actively work each and every day. So it means they are working for money.

While rich people take their money, invest in something, and then just wait for the money to generate more money. That’s it simple is that.

They are not actively working, They make money even when they sleep, These people automate the process, the create systems that generate money.

Kye point,

Rich people invest in something capable of making money while they sleep.

12) Rich Buy Assets Poor Buy Liabilities

rich vs poor habits

Rich people always invest their money in assets, while poor people buy assets,

Which is a great difference between rich and poor mindset.

What are assets? Anything that you pay for now will generate you money later is an asset, for example, you bought a coffee-making machine and started selling coffee, Then at some point, you will start earning profit. ( Now the coffee machine is an asset)

Liability is something that gets money out of your pocket but gives you nothing in return.

Rich people always think of buying assets, They buy things that can provide value to them, Either in form of cash or something else.

But poor buy things that don’t give any kind of value, They just buy things for 2 reasons,

  • Either to show off.
  • Or to Enjoy.

If poor people start buying assets, They will be able to change their life, Money is just a mind game.

Key point,

  • Rich buy assets.
  • Poor buy liabilities.

13) Rich People Are Fearless

rich fearless habits

Rich people are never afraid to go out of the box and explore new things. They do experiments and try to do something different and that’s never done before.

When it comes to doing business and earning money, You have to be ready to take risks at every point, if you don’t there is no chance of seeing extraordinary success.

Look at the most riches people in the world, What do they have in common, They did something that was never done before right!

These are the qualities which they have in common,

  • Rich people create strategies.
  • They invent new things.
  • They take risks.

Rich people are the ones that will take a new step to let people know that there exists another market for the money.

Poor people, want to go the safe way. They don’t want to take any risk in their life, It’s because they have been thought wrong things about money.

One of the things that I hear a lot from poor people,

  • Get education,
  • Get your degree,
  • and you will be able to get a safe job.

That’s what Robert Kiyosaki calls the rat race, Everyone in search of a job, While not knowing the fact that they will never be rich.

Rich people are brave, if you want to be rich, You got to have the guts of trying new things and getting failed.

Key Point,

Rich people play with money, They explore new ways of earning money.

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14) Rich People Work Smart

rich work smart

72 percent of the millionaires had to accept that smart investment is the key to success.

Everything that these rich people do, They do it smartly, and especially when it comes to investment, Rich people are way smarter than average people.

Investment is important, but smart investment is more important, That’s what rich people know.

Poor people even if they have to invest in something, usually follow the crowd and don’t do their own research, They don’t bother asking financial advisors.

That is why they stay broke and don’t see huge financial success in life.

Key Point,

Work hard but Be smart too – Rich Dudes

15) Rich People Set Goals

rich habits of goal setting

According to business insider, Millionaires have four traits in common,

  • They set goals.
  • They are not afraid of failures.
  • Time management is what they have mastered.
  • Mentors are always a part of their life.

In the factors of Rich vs poor habits, Another factor is Rich people set goals, That’s what differentiates rich vs poor habits.

Poor people go where ever life takes them, Their direction of life is identified by the circumstances. They don’t have a vision in life.

Rich people have a purpose in life, This purpose fuels them to do more and to generate results no matter what.

While poor people live purposeless life, That is why they don’t have something to motivate themselves, There is nothing that compels them to cross the line of limits.

Key points,

Rich people write their goals and accomplish them.

16) Poor People Depend On Government

poor depend on government


In every country, You will find people who blame the government for their life, They don’t take responsibility, They just find it easy to target the government and blame it.

Take the example of the inflation rate, If by chance the inflation rate goes down, poor people somehow get benefits, And if it goes up they are back again squeezed to the lowest stage of their life.

That’s not the case with the rich,

  • Rich people create their future themselves.
  • They don’t wait for the economy to change their life,
  • They are not dependent on the government either.

Rich people never blame the government, Even if the inflation rate is high, Jobs are less, Taxes are imposed, Yet, they don’t sit and blame the situations.

Their idea is, If the inflation rate is high, My incomes should be higher. With this mindset rich people look for ideas, They constantly work to generate wealth in every scenario.

When it comes to money, Dubai is so rich, Learn why Dubai got rich so fast.

Key point,

Rich are not dependent on situations, They turn the situations in their favor.

17) Rich People Read

reading habit of rich

88 percent of the rich people, take at least 30 minutes daily for reading.

Reading is very important, when you read a book, you actually get the knowledge of someone’s entire life experience. Isn’t that a big thing?

Reading will benefit you with these three things,

  • failure is not really a failure, it’s just an experience, It’s just a way of learning something.
  • You will get inspiration, You will believe in yourself in hard times.
  • The secret of success is presented to you, You just need to act on it.

That’s what rich people do, They read books so that they stay on track don’t get disappointed.

While poor people don’t have time for reading, They underestimate the power of reading, They only work for money, if there is no money in something they won’t do it.

If you are not offering poor money for reading a book, he/she won’t read it, simple is that. They don’t see the long-term effect of reading books.

key point,

Rich people read, Be that, books, articles, news…

18) Rich People Wake Up Early

Rich habits

In the concept of the Rich vs Poor habits, There is something magical about waking up early in the morning.

The rich habits book mentions,

  • 44% of rich people wake up early.
  • 3% of poor people wake up early.
  • Meaning 97% of poor people wake up late.

This means almost every poor person on this earth wakes up either late or not early.

The point is to wake up early, There are many scientific benefits related to waking up early. When you wake up early you are fresh and can do things better.

you are energetic, There is no need for motivation to do anything. That is why it’s best practice to do hard things right at the start of the day.

Wake up early if you want to be a rich dude.

Key point,

Rich people prefer to wake up early and complete their most important tasks in the morning.

19) Poor People Are Likes Addicted

poor people habits

When poor people wake up, the first thing they do is, check what’s happening on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

They are so much addicted to these sites, They wanna see if people like their status, feed and if they commented something.

The poor mentality is,

  • More likes mean people love me.
  • It means people respect me.
  • It means I am social.
  • fewer likes mean people don’t care about me.

It has been reported that people who live in poor countries tend to use social media more than people who live in developed countries.

Poor people take social media so seriously, they are ready to waste all their time on it, just because they think we are creating a good social status.

That’s definitely not the case with a rich dude, a rich person will not give a fish to what people think about him, Weather they like him on Facebook or not.

The rich mentality is,

  • Like is just a number.
  • It’s just a button.
  • People press it even they don’t mean it.

Why bother wasting your time on making more numbers? it’s not gonna bring anything, That’s what rich people understand but not the poor ones.

Key point,

  • Rich dudes don’t waste time on social media, Neither they give it any importance.
  • Poor are addicted to social media, they feel like celebrities when they hit 100 likes on a post.

20) Rich Are Success Addicted

poor people habits

While the rest of the world is drug-addicted, The rich dudes are busy success addicted.

Rich people are so thirsty for success, They want it whatsoever. I mean they don’t find any reason to not be successful.

And if somehow they get failed, they get up and bounce back, That’s what they do, that’s what makes them rich.

The poor mind is busy pleasing people, They are not as committed to their success, Poor people are more socialized than richer.

Success comes to those who deserve it , not who demand it.

It is the self-discipline of rich people that don’t let them be poor. They work in every situation, without even caring, whether or not they get results.

If you want to avoid being poor and broke, You have to be successful addicted, That’s the only way you can get out of the poor zone, Check the free video presentation for more. (click on the banner below)

money magnet

Final Words

You got the idea of rich vs poor habits , Now don’t stop here, I want you to adopt each quality of rich person that you can.

There is nothing in this world that’s impossible, I mean look at Elon musk, He created SpaceX company, Which is going to send people to Mars. (oh my god)

If Elon can do it, then what’s stopping you, get out and get working.

Here is my last message to you,

  • Don’t ever listen to poor people.
  • Never take the ideas of poor people.
  • Whatever the rich say that’s right.
  • poor don’t know anything about money, don’t let them spoil your money ideas.

That’s it, What’s your idea of the rich vs poor habits, let me know.

Rich vs poor habits Faq’s

What is the difference between a rich mindset and a poor mindset?

A rich mindset Blames itself for the failures and finds solutions for the problems. Poor mindset curses luck and doesn’t show any kind of work and effort.

What is a poor mindset?

The poor mentality is a mindset when you don’t believe you can do anything. People develop this mindset because they have been conditioned to believe in luck rather than hard work.

What Differentiates Rich From Poor?

Rich people earn passive income while poor people do 9 to 5 jobs and grind themselves in search of money. Rich make money work for them, while poor work for money. That’s why the poor never become rich.

How Do I Get A Rich Mindset?

Follow these Robert Kiyosaki Tips to get a Rich Mindset.

  • Understand how money work.
  • Study Rich people.
  • Hang out with rich people.
  • Never take the advice of poor people on money.
  • Read books.
  • Understand finances.




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