Real Life Inspiring Stories That Touched Heart

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Are you looking for some Real Life Inspirational Stories That Touched Heart With a moral, Well then you are in the right place.

Here I have shared some of the most incredibly powerful motivational stories that will touch your heart and will inspire you.

1) Heart Touching Story Of Elon Musk

I was raised by book, books and then my parrents.

Inspirational Stories That touched heart

Elon Musk was a bookworm right of his childhood. He was probably born different than normal people, Elon was so much interested in books and science, That he spent all his childhood reading and reading.

He Was Idiot

When a kid, Elon was considered an idiot,

My father would always call me idiot.

Elon Musk says that his father never respected him. He didn’t believe that I could do something of my life and that I was a total failure.

He really had a miserable nonage, His father would beat him whenever he got angry, The gangsters at his school beat him so many times.

You get chased by school gangs, Who tried to beat the hell out of me.

One day he was even thrown off the stairs, His condition was so bad that he had to go to the hospital. Such was his life when he was growing.

His First Computer Program

When Elon was just 12, he created a computer game called “Blaster” that he sold for $500.

When Elon Musk sold this game, he realized the power of computer programing. His passion was built in this field and wanted to do major in it.

When he was in Standford and doing his major in computer science, The internet was introduced.

It was the boom of dotcom, That he didn’t want to miss. And that is why he dropped out of his college.


The creation of Paypal is the actual reason for his success.

When he created PayPal with the Name of, He was able to sell this company for $1.2bn. While all the money didn’t go into his pocket but still a handsome amount went right in his pocket. ( $165 Million)

Elon musk continued his way to success, Now he owns SpaceX and Tesla which are world-renowned companies.

Elon musk is now the world’s 3rd richest man with a total net worth of 157 billion dollars.


Keep working, Your day will come.

2) Real Life Story Of Abraham Lincoln

Inspirtaional Stories that touched heart

Abraham Lincoln, Was born in Kentucky in the United States in the 18th century.

He was the president of the United States, Who helped the people of the country get together and remove the system of slavery.

His story is one of the inspirational real-life stories that touched my heart because of his leadership.

Before he became president there was a civil war and People were kept as slaves. When he became president he freed 20,000 slaves, Ensuring that there will be no slaves onward.

So here we are looking for his life story, and I hope It will inspire you.

Lincoln Was Born Poor

Abraham Lincon Who we recognize as a leader, as a king was once a poor kid. He was born in a small cabin where he lived his life.

He didn’t have a very good childhood, from many aspects, like poverty and especially when his mother died.

At the age of 9 when lincoln’s mother died, He became so disappointed with his life. He was not living normal life till his father married another woman.

With the coming of his stepmother, he was again back to normal life.

Lincoln Was A Reader

The tradition at that time was farming, But lincoln didn’t like it. Instead, he was very keen on reading and learning new things.

He wanted to get the education and get out of this trap, and that is why became self-taught. Although he has a law degree he didn’t attend any college, He did that with self-learning.

A Real-Life Inspirational Story Of Failures That Touched Heart With A moral

Lincoln was failed man times,

  • He was fired from his job.
  • Eight elections were lost by him.
  • Twice he failed business.

There is a list of failures I could quote about him, But after all these, he didn’t give up.

He failed in his love life too, Lincoln was engaged to a beautiful girl Ann Rutledge and was just waiting for marriage. But no, It didn’t happen, His fiancee died.

Because of this, he faced a Nervous breakdown and spent 6 months in bed.

Lincoln Became President

It was 1861 When Abraham Lincoln was elected as president of the USA.

He faced so many rejections, incredibly harsh moments, That is why he was able to reach this level. He lost elections 8 times but still kept trying.

His story is among those real life inspirational stories that touched heart, It is an incredibly heart-touching and motivational story.


No one can steal what’s in your head.

3) Life Of Stephen Hawking

inspirational stories that touched herat

Stephe Hawking was the scientist that introduced black holes.

The theory shocked the world of science, That there exists another world outside us that we don’t know about. There are holes in the skies that actually eat stars.

This legend lived all his life on a chair and was paralyzed.

He was an Average Student

Stephen Hawking was never a good student in school. He was just a normal student that didn’t like school and its grades.

But what was good about him was, He was interested in inventions right from childhood. Stephen never studied school-related material but spent all his time learning new things about science.

When he was 17 and went to college, He would barely read for 1 hour the whole day.

I am not proud of this, I am just describing my attitude at that time Which I shared with most fellow students. Bardem and feeling nothing was worth making an effort for.

Stephen Was Near Death

When he was just 21, His doctor told him, You are going to die.

The disease that he had usually comes with the age of 50, But he got the same disease in his 20’s. This usually leads a man to death after few years.

It was a clear sign that Stephen was going to die, He didn’t really have much time.

But god proved everyone wrong, Stephen lived for 76 years.

When faced with the possibility of early death, It makes you realize that life is worth living.

Life-Changing Real-life heart touching inspirational moment

When he knew that he is gonna die, Stephen decided not to live a purposeless life. It was the time that he decided to do something bigger in the field of science.

With this intention in mind, He worked hard day and night And came up with his own scientific theories.

Two of his most famous theories are A brief history of time and black holes.

Stephen Hawking taught us, To never stop working even if we are the bed of death.

Never stop working, Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it.


Your ideas define your life not your body.

4) Sad Story Of Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai Stories that touch Heart

Sundar Pichai Lived in India in an average family But is now CEO of and alphabets.

His net worth is now $600 million. And there was a time when there was no telephone in the entire family of him.

Sundar Pichai didn’t have access to the technology in his teens. They had one tv at home with one channel in it. The computer was not available to him until he went us.

How Did He Go To Us?

When Sundar Pichai got scholar to Standford University, His father then use all his life savings to send him there,

My father spent the equivalent of a year’s salary on my plane ticket to us so I could attend to Standford, America was expensive, a phone call was 2 dollars a minute, and a backpack costed the equivalent of my father’s monthly sallery. The only thing that brought me here other than luck was my passion.

Sundar Pichai graduated from Standford and started working in google in 2004.

Sundar Pichai Became CEO

It was 2015 when Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google. The reason he was appointed CEO  was, Sundar was incredibly intelligent and smart.

They didn’t want any other company to take this asset from them, Becuase Microsoft and Twitter had already approached him for a very good job.

That is why google made him a CEO, and from there, his success never stopped. He earns more than $2 Million per month.


poorty is not the end.

5) Bitter True Story Of Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet Inspirational Story

From a very young age, he became interested in making money and investments.

Till the age of 12, he read every book on money and investment and was burning to make money somehow. When the warren buffet read “1000 ways to make 1000 dollars“, It changed his life.

After reading this book, His mentality was shifted to earning more and more.

This is another of real life inspirational stories that touched heart, Because he is among the world’s richest personalities.

Warren Buffet Did Odd Jobs

Like others, the warren buffet was not ashamed of working. He did every job that he could in his childhood, from washing cars to working in a coca-cola company and to delivering newspapers.

From a very early age, he got a lot of experience, He learned different ways of making money, He understood how these companies make money.

First Business

Warren Buffet had learned the art of savings, And that is how he did it in his childhood. While he was working in a day job, He saved some earnings of it.

Using these savings he started his first business, Warren and his friend bought a pinball and kept it in a local barbershop.

His idea was, The customers will have fun until they get their turn of hair cut, They won’t be bored.

The business worked, Right in their first week they got 25$ of it and within months the idea was spread all over the city.

The business that he started for 25$ after a year was sold for $1200, which was a huge return on investment at that time.

The Success Continued

Warren Buffet was interested in the stock market business, so he worked for Benjamin Graham, Where he learned about value investing.

After he learned this type of investment, Waren bought shares of Berkshire Hathaway, This company was underperforming and that is why stocks were sold cheaper.

Although warren had other business too, But his main focus was on Berkshire. He kept on buying the shares of Berkshire until he became the owner.

From this company, he got much success, and then grow up gradually.

Warren Buffet never stopped learning, Even still he reads 5 hours a day. That shows the importance of learning, No matter at what stage you are, you have to keep on learning.


If you have passion for something, GO for it you will see wonders.

6) Heart-Melting Life Story Of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Real Life Story

Tom Cruise had a terrible childhood, Not even normal.

Whenever his father would get angry, He raised his hand on tom and beat him always. he would never make an exception to leave his child.

Tom Was Bullied

Tom Cruise was bullied in school. He was the target of bully boys whenever he entered they made fun of him. Because of this tom didn’t like himself.

And their family never settled on one place, Here and there, That was how tom lived his childhood. Becuase of changing their place tom didn’t have any friends at all.

I was always the new kid with the wrong shoes, The wrong accent I didn’t have friend to share things.

Tom Was Terrible In Studies

Apart from low self-esteem and being introvert, Tom couldn’t stay better either.

I would try to concentrate on what I was studying, Then I would get to the end of the page and have very little memory of anything I read. I would go blank, feel anxious, bored, dumb, my legs would actually hurt when I studied. This made The Schoolwork painfully difficult.

Tom Dropped Out Of College For Acting

When tom cruise was 18, He dropped out of college so that he could become an actor. At that time he had only $500 in his pocket.

He then went to new york to try his luck, Well, it was easy, and neither he got it in the first impression.

He gave many auditions and did a side job too so that he could survive, Tom repeated this process over and over.

The Big Success (Heart Touching inspirational moment)

When tom was selected in a comedy movie, The Risky Business, Everything just changed so rapidly.

The guy who was working odd jobs to survive was now a high-paying actor, a worldwide popular celebrity, and a millionaire.

All these things were possible because he didn’t neglect his dreams, He kept believing in himself and found his way to success.


Don’t be afraid to fail bing, Don’t be afraid to dream big.


Never doubt your dreams, Each of these successful people had the same story as you. They never had a very good childhood or a very rich parent, They just had huge dreams.

The fact is that most of the rich people are those, Who were once incredibly poor and didn’t live in a rich town.

If you are not rich, if you don’t have anything, and you feel like you are a total failure, Then you are wrong. Because every one of these ultra-successful people thought they are failure too.

No one is a failure Until they accept failure. Keep believing in yourself one day you are gonna shine. As it is said,

Try, Try, Try one day you will fly.

SO that’s it, Hope these real life inspirational stories that touched heart gave you a little spark of motivation. And if it did, then you want to tell me how much you are motivated for yourself in the comment section.

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