Raise Your Standards

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Raise your standards? This is something you have heard from many motivational speakers, And probably this is the favorite topic of tony robbins too.

If you don’t know, Tony Robbins was a janitor when he was in high school, but today he is a world-class motivational speaker.  that was only because he raised his standards of life.

You and I are not exceptions, If you raise your standards, Definitely you are going to see a big change in your life.

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First of All, when you raised your standards, You are going to be uncomfortable with it, you are going to lose some people, some friends because average people can’t bear great minds.

It’s time to switch your mentality from a loser to a winner, from good to best, from no to yes. It’s you who will decide how your life looks like, how you are going to live the rest of your life.

Raise your standards key points

What are personal standards?

Personal standards are all about your beliefs, about who you are.

What do you believe in? what you think you are? how do you feel about yourself?

It’s about letting people go that doesn’t mean anything to you.

It’s about achieving mental satisfaction, which is more important than people and things.

It’s about satisfying your core values.

It’s about you as a whole, The kind of life that you wanna live, The kind of people that you wanna hang out with, The kind of work that you wanna do.

All it means is, You don’t want to deal with things and people that you don’t like on daily basis.

For example,

Dwain the rock johnson has set high personal standards in terms of bodybuilding.

He wants to be the best, in his words”I want to be the hardest worker in the room”. All it means is that He wants to be known for bodybuilding.

His standard is to be the best, no less than that, He can’t accept someone being better than him(Which is why he goes to the gym at 4 am).

But he doesn’t give a shit to what people think of his shaved head. Because the personal standard for him is to satisfy himself, not people.

That’s where personal standards come in.

How do you deal with people and relationships? Would you allow people to snatch your mental peace?

It’s scary and difficult

it is scary and difficult

Setting high standards mean, You have to block some people, Say goodbye to some of them, and clear cut no to some.

as a woman, It’s scary because you are going to be alone for days.

as a man, This is not easy, because you are going to reject someone.

It’s difficult because you are going to stand for yourself. It will make you feel like you are breaking someone’s heart.

It’s difficult because you are going against society, the family, friends. It means you wanna design the life you truly want, that’s not ordinary, That’s not average, and of course, that’s not easy.

But after all of these, It’s still worth it.  You should live the kind of life that you deserve. It will give you mental peace, And you will find the true purpose of your life.

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Why do you need to raise your standards?

To be the type of person you want, you need to raise your standards.

You need to change a ‘Should” into a “Must”.   You can’t just say I should become the best soccer player in the world If you really want to be.

Because should is for the weak, The moment when you say should you have already lost hope.

You know that you are not capable of this thing, you are not going to achieve this at all. This belief is limiting you, There is a voice inside your head, Which keeps on telling you that it’s difficult.

Whatever that you want is, you must achieve it.  Here are 3 reasons you need high standards.

1) Self-love

self love

The most important thing of all is self-love. If you don’t love yourself, You have got no life, you are not living a life, you are just spending your days.

Because raising standards is all about loving yourself, It’s not selfish, it’s self-care, You just can’t bear everything, There is the limit.

It shows that you are important, That you can’t be treated as an average person.

It shows that if you had to live alone, It would be perfectly fine for you. It’s not difficult for you, You won’t waste your time on people that don’t value you.

2) End up toxic relationships

end up toxic relationship

You are not a people pleaser, you can’t keep the relationship with everyone that you meet.

There are some people who just want to control you, They don’t love you, They don’t like you.

So when you raise your standards, All those people will leave you who want to control you.  You are left only with the people who truly love you. Who loves you as a person.

You can’t make everyone your friend, and if it is, Then you are a people pleaser. Which surely nobody wants to be.

Think about this.

If everybody loves you, Something is wrong, Find at least one enemy to keep you alert!Paulo Coelho

This is my favorite quote because enemies are important you know!

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3) Break limits

build your limites

It’s your world, you are free to do anything you wish, So why put limits on yourself?

You bound yourself to one person, you think that’s the end, The first and the last. So when you lose that person, you feel like everything is just finished.

That’s what happens when you have set low standards for yourself. When your whole world revolves around one person.

Why? The question is why limit yourself? You are not happy because someone doesn’t’ like you! That one person is like a bulb of light for you, When he/she left, Now you live in the darkness.

These are limits that you have put on yourself Because you don’t think you deserve happiness.

It’s time to raise your standards! to tell the world that you deserve more than what they expected from you. It’s you who will decide the future of your life.

4) Live your dreams

live your dreams

When you raise your standards, you wanna live your dreams.

You just don’t want to live an ordinary life. You don’t want to compromise on the quality of your life.

When you raise your standards, dreams become important more than anything. goals become the sole purpose of your life. So you focus more on what’s important rather than thinking about what people have to say about you.

Look at the greatest people in the world, the people who created history, the people who changed the world.

They were just people like you and me, but the thing that made them different from others, which helped them shine through the crowd was, their standards of living.

I think these reasons are enough to tell you why you need to raise your standards.

now let’s see in which areas of life you should bring improvement.

Raise your standards in these areas of life

There are many areas in life that you bring changes, But here we are going to focus on 3 major areas, which are more important than others.

1) Raise your standards in Health

focus on your health

My first priority is my health.

Commit to it…

In this study, 4600 people were tested, And I was surprised to see that 74% of them were stressed.

  • 46% of them ate too much because of stress.
  • 29% said that they started drinking cause of stress.
  • 16% started smoking in stress.
  • 51% of them started to feel depressed.

Looking at these numbers, health must become your first priority.

It’s about mental and physical health, Eating healthy, living healthy…

So don’t ever comprise on your health.

2) Raise your standards in Relationships

raise your standards in relation

When it comes to standards, People usually talk of relationships, and that’s fine.

It’s important to know your value in a relationship, some times you need to raise your standards as a man or a woman.

The truth is,

Some people will use you…

Some people will try to control you…

and Some will genuinely love you.

It’s your job to know how to treat someone. You need to say goodbye to some because sometimes letting go is much better than holding on. In fact, holding these relationships will give you more pain than letting go.

In the end,

You don’t need someone to complete you, You need someone to accept you completely UnKnown

3) Raise your standards in wealth

raise your standards in wealth

You simply can’t forget the role of money in your life.

In fact, The more you are free financially, The more you will be able to enjoy your life. I don’t mean to attract people with your money, Fake people will remain fake whatever you do.

It’s just about your life, The quality of your life. That feeling of not being dependent on someone, That feeling of being able to support your family and friends.

If you are dependent on someone else to pay your bills, Your self-esteem is going to sink and you can’t do anything about it.

Let me speak the truth, Money buys happiness.

Most self-help authors say happiness is just inner peace, It’s just about your mindset. Well, I would like to ask, How do you get that inner peace? How can you remain positive when are living a life of paycheck to paycheck?

I am not saying you should be a millionaire, But at least you should not be in debt, You should be able to support yourself and your family.

People are doing 9-5 jobs which they hate, it means they are spending 50% of their life on things that they don’t like. Now if they had enough money, They would happily leave such jobs.

Think about it, If your salary is increased by $5k more, How would you be feeling.

Well, I don’t wanna go in-depth here, but this should give you an idea as to why you should raise your standards financially.

For more read this article.

So these are the areas of life that you should focus more on…

And now It’s time to know how do you raise your standards?

keep scrolling…

How to raise your standards?

I expect till to now you truly understand what I am saying.

And now you are ready to change yourself for the better, to experience a new life, to see the happiness of being yourself, to find the true purpose of your life.

Let’s start…

1) In Relationships


Set boundaries

If you are a person with no boundaries, You are always the target of bullies.

You can’t allow anyone to say whatever they have to say, Some times you need to stand for yourself and stop these people!

Don’t just tolerate everything, Don’t be a people pleaser, Don’t be nice every time. If you truly want people to respect you, then you need not allow people to cross the red zone.

Remember these three things.

Don’t talk, ACT.

Don’t say, SHOW.

Don’t promise, PROVE.

Learn to say No

The truth is you have to say no to people to get them to respect you.

If you always said yes to everyone, you have lost your personality, your self-respect. You are not a friend, you are just an option.

Saying no requires a lot of confidence, Because you know it, That you are going to hurt someone’s feelings.

What if they leave you…

What if you lost them…

What if they hate you…

What if they judge you…

All these questions go around in your mind When you want to say not to someone. But sometime’s you have to say, You gotta muster the courage and say ‘Big No’.

It’s perfectly ok to lose some people, As they might not be a part of your life. They were just temporary people who came and gone.

If you want respect you have to say no sometimes.

If you want to make everyone happy, Go sell Icecream, You can’t be a leader!Motivationalspeaks

Don’t be always available

The more you are available, The worst you will be treated.

Why are always available to people? It’s because you think if I am available to them they will love me. But it’s not true!

When you are available to someone always, He/she takes you for granted, You look to him/her as a free person, Someone who doesn’t have anything in his life.

In fact, if you show yourself as a busy one, You will be treated much better. After all the important is the busy one.

People get curious when you are busy, This leads them to think about you, (make them think about you) – Motivationalspeaks

2) In wealth


Now you realize the importance of money in your life, it’s time to know how you can double your income.

Work on side hustle

A side hustle is something you should consider if you are interested in making some extra money.

It should be something that fits your interest, And you are capable of doing it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a housewife, or you have a job of 9 to 5.

You can still work on it. And it’s going to be worth your time.

Here are a few ideas to get some extra bucks.

These are just a few of the ideas to start with. If you have any skill  (anything) then you can start earning with it.

It’s not important that you are a computer scientist, doctor, or engineer.

You can earn money even being a beginner at something.

So work on a side hustle to get some extra bucks.

Make a list of goals

If you don’t have a list of goals you arent going anywhere.

Here are 3 reasons you should list your goals.

  • You will build a laser-like focus.
  • You will always seek improvement.
  • There will always be something to be done.

When you have a list of goals, then you are concerned more with your goals. You are going to see good progress if you set your goals the right way.

The best way that you can set your goals is to do it with, RPM method. It’s a method of goal setting, Where you set goals on the basis of results, not action.

For example, You could say I will work 10 hours a day, That’s not how you set goals. It’s like working hard for the sake of work hard.

Instead, you should say, I will earn $100 this week, Now this way it’s clear what you want, You know exactly when it’s going to happen. ( For more on this topic Click here)

3) Health


Health should be the priority of your life, No matter what you have to commit to staying healthy.

Healthy people are naturally confident, They have high standards, They keep high expectations from themselves.

If you don’t care for your health, Then you are going to pay for it in the future. Today you might be too busy earning money, having sleepless nights, Doing as much work as you can, Just to earn money.

But you don’t know that you’re going to pay the same money for your health. So don’t let your health be down. Here are some practices to do, that will keep you healthy.

  • Do a physical workout, walking, going to the gym…
  • Eat well, Fruits, Vegetables, and wholegrain foods.
  • sleep well( recommended 7 to 9 hours ).

I don’t wanna go deeper into this topic, as I am not an expert on it.

Read this article to know more about staying healthy.

Key points (Raise your standards)

Here are the key points to remember, In case you can’t remember the whole article.

  • Raising your standards is difficult, you are going to lose some people, some are going to judge you, But it’s worth it, You have to raise your standards.
  • Work on these areas of life, Health, Wealth, And relationships.
  • in relationships, Learn to say no, Set boundaries, And don’t be always available.
  • In wealth, Work on a side hustle, And make a list of goals ( Write them ).
  • In health, eat healthily, take 7 to 9 hours of sleep, And take exercise.

Final words

Ok, Whatever I said, Keep it apart, Ask yourself first, Don’t you want to be treated better? Don’t you wanna live the life of your dreams?

I mean you should not need someone to tell you, Either why should you raise your standards, or How to do it? it’s your life, Live with the kind of attitude that you think fits you.

The biggest things that you can do ever is to raise your standards, When you do it, Your life is going to change 360, You will experience a different life, You will know that you are growing stronger.

You will realize that it’s something you should have done way much before.

Take a step…

move forward…

Inspire the next…

Don’t be happy to have ordinary, Demand for the best, work for the best, think for the best, But no less than the best ever.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your life, Think big, Dream big, and work hard.

Keep high expectations for yourself and always exceed them, And Don’t blame people for disappointing you, blame yourself for expecting too much from them.

With that said, I hope you are going to raise your standards from now and you are not going to live an ordinary life.

So tell me in the comment section if I am right (Or if you wanna disagree, You are still welcome to show your thoughts).

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