This is Why You Need to Have a Lion Like Attitude and Belief

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Nick Vujicic proved to the world, That it’s the power of attitude and belief that shape your life.

Maybe you are familiar with Nick Vujicic, But if you are not, then you should be! Because his inspirational life story will make you speechless.

Why attitude and belief are everything?

If there is something that can change your life, It is your attitude and belief about yourself.

If you are not sure then Just look at this man Nick Vujicic who has no legs, no arms but he can still swim. He can play football, hockey and he can skydive.

He is an author and motivational speaker, He has written some very famous books like Unstoppable, Life without limits, and life without limbs.

How the heck is this possible in this world? He has so many reasons to find excuses But no! He won’t, Instead, he is there to inspire the whole world, Me and you.

Nick Vujicic wants to show to the world, That I might be disabled bodily but I won’t stay back, I will never give up on my dreams, And I will do the impossible.

The only reason he is doing the impossible is his attitude and belief, He knows things are difficult, But he makes sure that he is tougher then situations.

No one can stop a man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goals. 

Nothing on the earth can help a man with the wrong attitude. –  Thomas Jefferson

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Nick Vujicic early life struggles

the early life struggles

Nick Vujicic Was born in 1984 in Australia, He was born abnormal, A child with no legs and arms.

He didn’t live a very good life at an early age, Because of his looks and body shape he was bullied, Others made fun of him, and laughed at him.

You know I’m done, the Bullying at school, All the teasing. My mom and dad never know If I am gonna get married? I Don’t know if I am Ever gonna be independent, If I don’t have a purpose then what’s the point, If my pains not gonna change.

At this point, He was hopeless, He thought this is the end and he wanted to commit suicide.

Why me?

I am sure you have asked this question yourself a lot of times, so did Nick Vujicic.

I asked my parents why this happened, they dint’ have the answer, I asked my doctor but he also dint know it.

He had a lot of questions, that needed to be answered, but who would do it for him. Who would answer his words? All of his brothers were fine but why only him.

This thought kept him thinking, He was not able to live a normal life, he was depressed, hopelessness was killing him from inside.

He was 10 when he thought to finish his life and Eliminate all these pains. But something kept him there, and he was able to hold on.

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Nick Vujicic belief kept him strong

My doctor told me that you are not gonna be able to walk, But today I am walking.

Nick Vujicic’s Docter told him, that he can’t walk, but he didn’t think of what his doctor said, And did what he wanted to do.

Today he is not only walking but also, he can play. He plays soccer, hockey, and Even he can swim.

He would always think about what’s unique about him, what’s different, and good about him. So he would look into the mirror and say, Nick, you have pretty eyes.

Even In this type of body, he would find at least something that’s good about him, Which would keep him motivated to live a better life.

Now he is a motivational speaker and author, his voice is spread all over the world. He has inspired millions of people.

No hands no legs no worries

nick vujicic

When an interviewer asked him, you have no arms and legs, he replied, No arms no legs no worries. He says disability is what stops you from doing something.

That’s the power of attitude and belief, He doesn’t even consider himself disabled, He believes that everyone is going through something bad in life, And the only reason he is highlighted is that his pain is visible.

This is so true, We all are having problems in our lives, The only thing that keeps us to hold on is our belief and attitude.

If you have the right kind of attitude, You will see the obstacles as opportunities.

The turning point of Nick’s life

When nick was 17, His mother gave him a newspaper, In which he read an article about a disabled man, Who was successful.

This article changed his life, He realized the power of attitude and belief. He knew that if he believes in himself and keeps a positive attitude, the World will be at his feet.

From there he didn’t look back and tried whatever he could to achieve his dreams.  He wanted to inspire everyone, He wanted to give a message to all disabled people, That its not the end.

His dream came true in 2005 When he built his first nonprofit Organization, Life Without Limbs. The purpose of this company was to give a better life to disabled people.

In 2007 he found another company, called Attitude is altitude, Where he gives motivational speeches.

What do we learn from Nick Vujicic?

attitude determines altitude

The power of attitude

There is one thing Nick’s life teaches us is,  your attitude determines your altitude.

If your attitude towards your life is positive, you can do anything, limits are just myths. They don’t exist in reality, It’s you who creates limits for himself.

Dr.Myles Munroe gave a very good example of why attitude is everything.

The lion is not the tallest of the animals. It is not the smartest of animals, Neither it is the most powerful animal. But still it’s the king of the jungle.

The elephant is smarter, Taller, and more powerful than The lion, But what happens when the elephant sees the Lion? There is one word that comes into its mind Eater.

It’s not the size or intelligence that decides what you will do. If your attitude is like a Lion, You can do anything. The moment you decide, I will do it whatever it takes, Nothing can stop you.

It’s the only difference between successful and broke people. Successful people have a positive attitude, They take chances, They know each problem is an opportunity.

Opportunity to learn more, to get more, and to be more. They always ask what to do better, Instead of blaming people or situations, and this is what makes them different from ordinary people.

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So that’s it, That was the story of Nick Vujicic to inspire you, and to show you the power of attitude and belief.

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