Long Term Motivation

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How to sustain long term motivation? Below the quote is the best answer to the question.

if it is important,  you will find a way
if it is not, you will find an excuse

– Ryan Blair

when you are doing things, that does not excite you, you rely on motivations. this is a trap, which no one is talking about, and that’s the real problem of self-motivation.

so keep reading to find out how to get out of this trap, and how to maintain long term motivation.

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how to motivate yourself

What is Long Term Motivation?

when we always feel energized to do something, it is self-motivation, 


well, if you are waiting for that energy to come and strike you, then you are just beating around the bush, you are absolutely on wrong track.

because it is never going to happen, long term motivation is the product of work and progress.

if you don’t see any progress, you are not gonna be motivated at all.

The Wrong approach for Motivation

what many people do wrong is, they focus on things not to do.

they work on the denial principle, by saying I will not do this, I will no do that, I will work harder and harder.

problem #1

for example, if I ask you,

  • don’t focus on smoking!
  • please don’t think about smoking
  • you should not think about smoking

were you not thinking about smoking? at the same time when I was telling you not to do.

the funny thing is if you ask yourself not to focus on something, your brain focuses exactly on the same thing, and it will give you a strong headache.

problem #2

this approach is wrong because people are fighting against their desires. by focusing on the process, not on rewards.

our mind is designed in a way, to focus on desires more than anything else. so if you commit I won’t party, I will work very hard, you are only focusing on denying your desires.

your mind keeps on thinking about parties, it becomes difficult to focus on work, so your will power goes down, and your motivation to work decreases.

will power vs emotional experience

What motivates people then?

the short answer is a desire for something. your desire is what controls you, it motivates you to be strong, and keep on working so that you can achieve your goals.

when you have a strong desire for anything, this happens.

  • it creates an image in your subconscious mind.
  • this state of mind creates an urgency to achieve it.
  • this desire feels more important
  • it becomes a must instead of should
  • and your motivation to work increases.

so think about it, your desire could be anything, getting rich, big house, relationship. or if you don’t have any desire, create one.

so focus on your desires, if you want long-term motivation.

remember working hard is not your desire, it’s the way to achieve your desires. so don’t focus on working hard, instead, always think about your goals and the rewards, that you will achieve.

This is how long-term motivation works.

Ok, so let’s move ahead and explore  9 actionable ways to get long term motivation right now.

1) Create a highly addictive vision

steve jobs about vision

an addictive vision is, what motivates people. great leaders of the world have one thing in common that is, a big vision.

here is how to create your vision.

Step 1: What is it?

what is your vision, how it looks like,  is it getting rich, helping people, or being an ideal parent.

for example, my vision is to be rich enough.

first of all, define what your vision looks like.

Step 2: Define your why?

Ask yourself, why you wanna do it, what is the purpose? what will happen when you will achieve your vision?

in my case, I want to achieve my vision, because I want to support my family, it motivates me.

Step 3: Will anyone else benefit from your vision.

Think about it, would it be possible, to help your family, friends when you have achieved your vision, or is it just limited to yourself.

Step 4: The 5 Immediate actions.

what are the five immediate actions that you can take right now?

ok, so the five immediate actions I can take right now are

  1. what people are searching for
  2. how can I write about that topic
  3. write the article 
  4. bring traffic
  5. earn money

these are the 5 immediate actions can I take right now.

Your task

answer these 4 questions and write them on paper. when you do this exercise, you will emotionally attach yourself to your vision.

emotions are our desires, we make decisions based on our desires and emotions.

so when you emotionally connect yourself with your vision, then you don’t need to rely on motivations anymore. your vision is enough to motivate yourself.

2) Define your goals and schedule them using the tony robbins rpm method.

When you have created your vision, it’s now time to set up goals to meet your vision.

before writing your goals, you should know the difference between goals and vision.

Vision vs Goals

Vision is just an imaginary thought, which you have created in your mind,

while your goals are the steps that you need to take, to achieve your vision.

for example, your vision could be I want to get rich to help poor people, and your goals would be to start earning 10,000$ per month.

Write clear goals

write clear and measurable goals to motivate yourself

When writing your goals, be clear, write measurable goals, and be realistic.

you need to have goals that are big, but not impossible. for example,

if you say I want to be the world’s richest person by next year, surely that’s not possible.

instead, you can say, I will earn 10k dollars per month by next year.

so the core point is, your goals should be achievable not too big neither too small.

Goal setting with tinny robbins RPM method

rpm is a method of writing goals, that are compelling, with the rpm method you will find efficiency in your work.

in the rpm method you define, the result, and the purpose of your goal, it’s not just a goal but with a purpose.

here is how the rpm method work.

tony robins rpm method of achieving goals

with this strategy, you know, why you are after a specific goal, and what your purpose is.

focusing on your rpm chart will destroy all kinds of distractions.

to get the complete pdf click here.

3) Make a specific daily routine.

scheduling your day is important, the most successful people of the world, the wealthiest people, bill gates, Richard Branson(virgin group), time cook ( Apple CEO), they all wake up early and have a specific schedule.

Why do you need a daily routine?

i) Your time becomes manageable, you work on autopilot.

The most time-wasting thing is deciding what to do because, there are so many things to do, so you don’t know what to do first?

so when you make your daily routine, you already decide your priorities, the process of decision making is already done.

because you repeat the same routine, again and again, your mind starts to work on autopilot.

What is the autopilot mode of the brain?

autopilot mode of brain

when you drive the car, from home to school or office, do you realize what happens on the way?

you might be thinking about a test in school or a job interview. but at the same time.

  • you are accelerating
  • turning left and right
  • using breaks

multiple jobs, right? without realizing your driving experience.

it happens because you drive on autopilot.

in short, autopilot means when you do something without even realizing it, so it does not feel like a burden, it happens when you do things repeatedly always.

an autopilot has its pros and cons, but in this case, it is going to help you do more and increase your motivation to work.

so when you plan your days, you are working on autopilot, you don’t need to think about what to do, and what not to do.

ii) You are focused on your task

planning your day gives you more focus because you dedicate one time to one specific task.

 think about it this way, if you don’t have a daily routine first it takes time to decide what you wanna do

after you have decided what to do, there are so many thoughts in your mind thinking about other tasks, and that is why you can’t focus on one single task.

how daily routine effect your life

4) Reward yourself

Research shows that, when we reward our actions, our motivation to repeat that action increases.

we form habits based on the reward system, the bigger the reward is, the more you want to repeat the habit.

when we enjoy something, our mind releases a chemical called dopamine, this chemical determines how much we enjoy something.

so if you want to motivate yourself, use the reward system and you will be able to increase your motivation to work.

Why do we love social media and the internet?

The answer is,  instant gratification, it’s the reward system that compels us to use social media.

when we feel bored, just with a simple click we have access to videos, songs, whatever we want, everything is at our fingertips.

we get the reward in no time, so it becomes our habit to use social media.

so if you want to make better habits and increase your motivation to work, you need to reward yourself, for the work that you have done.

how to motivate yourself with rewards system

for example, let’s say you study 3 hours each day, to increase your timing you should reward yourself this way.

if you study one more hour you are allowed to play 30 minutes of playing video games, or do whatever that you like to do.

so now you have got a better reason to study for 4 hours, and surely this is going to increase your motivation to work.

5) Use peer pressure

quote about peer pressure

peer pressure is one of the biggest factors of your confidence and motivation.

Consider this example, if your teachers give you a question, which has four answers, A, B, C, D.

let’s say you decide the answer A, and you are 90% sure of your choice, but all of your classmates choose B.

won’t you be confused, to rethink about your decision, you might even change your decision.

Why peer pressure has such a strong impact?

because we consider the majority to be correct.  we think that I alone can’t be correct, they are more in number.

the same goes for your friends and peers, if you hang around with demotivated and broke people, they will transform their thoughts into you.

and if your friends are highly ambitious people. then you will be inspired by them even more, and there will be a kind of positive competition in the group.

so clearly peer pressure has positive and negative effects on our lives.

Either you will involve in bad habits, and feel demotivated, or you will find your self highly motivated and positive, it all depends on your peer and your surroundings.

here are the statistics of peer pressure on teens.

statistic of peer pressure effects

6) Break down big tasks into smaller ones

breaking a big task into small tasks makes it easy for me, it motivates me, it doesn’t feel boring or difficult anymore.

The best way to get long-term motivation is to break the big tasks. It’s important for a few reasons. 

  • Big tasks feel difficult.
  • Smaller ones look easy.
  • Demands less time.
  • Smaller tasks require fewer memory space.

When you are about to do something big, Like for example 6 hours of programming, your mind gonna be exausted in advanced.

You are not going to feel any motivation, So better is to break it in differnt parts so that you don’t feel bored of it.

Like if you take a break between every 30 minutes, it will become easier. You are now litterly preparing yourself only for the next 30 minutes, You are not focusing on 6 long hours.

7) Do Affirmation

What is an affirmation?

affirmation is a positive statement that you repeat to yourself again and again.

for example, I am a millionaire, I am smart, I am confident.

Why do you need to do affirmation?

well, just by saying I am a millionaire, will you become a millionaire?

it will not make you a millionaire, but it gives you a sort of confidence and compels you to be a millionaire.

according to research, affirmation has positive effects on the brain, and it helps us maintain our selves during hard times.

How does affirmation work?

our mind has two parts

  •  Conscious mind
  •  Sub-conscious mind

when we repeat something again and again, consistently,  it sits in our subconscious mind, and our sub-conscious mind starts to believe it.

so your confidence and motivation to work increase a lot.

after all, it’s just the game of motivation if you know how to motivate yourself, then you don’t need to worry about anything else, if you believe in yourself, you will achieve whatever you want.

listen to this affirmation daily to remain positive.

read also: what are affirmations, Do they work?

8) Find a mentor

by definition, a mentor is an experienced person who teaches to nonexperienced people.

Why you need a mentor

according to a study, researchers analyzed 42 reports on mentored and non-mentored Employees.

what they found mentored employees

  • receive higher compensation.
  • receive a greater number of promotions
  • feel more satisfied with their career
  • motivation to work increased over time

as you can see mentorship has a great impact on one’s life and career, they can tell what to do and what not to do.

because they have already done what you are doing. so they can give you better ideas to follow, and you can learn from their mistakes, and be successful. 

Remember the quote,

Dont Re-invent the Wheel 

Keeping a company of a mentor helps you sustain long-term motivation. Because you gonna always need some supporting words to take action and mentor will provide that.

 9) Break the ice and let the motivation catch you

There is one more thing that you need to know about long-term motivation.

 just do it.

if you are always thinking, I don’t have enough motivation to work.

then you need to change your mindset.

maybe you have applied some of the strategies but you still feel like de-motivated and don’t want to do anything.

it’s the time to just stand up and give it a start, one thing you need to know the most difficult phase is to get started.

in my case, when I am writing an article, the first paragraph seems to be very difficult, when I write the first paragraph then I go with the flow.

so what motivates me? just writing the first paragraph, because it feels like I have done something, and then naturally I am involved in the process of writing without getting distracted.

how to motivate yourself

the bottom line is to give you a framework of self-motivation, that is practical and applicable so that you don’t have to ask google again, how to motivate yourself?

don’t forget about the compound effect, the little things make a big difference, if you do them consistently, you will see the rewards in the long term.

also, Remind yourself of your vision, ask yourself, what you are doing, and why are you doing it?

the key difference between highly motivated and demotivated people is their vision,  if your vision is big enough, you will motivate yourself, without needing some one’s advice.

in the end, I just want to ask you one thing?

what is your vision? is your vision big enough to motivate yourself? 

tell me in the comment section.

How To Get Long Term Motivation?

  • Create A Highly Addictive Vission.
  • Make Your Goals.
  • Break Down Big Tasks into Small Tasks.
  • Schedule a daily routine.
  • Reward Yourself.

Remember these only…


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