Law of Attraction The Ugly Truth

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Are you living in a fancy world of Law Of Attraction, Where you can manifest all those crazy things without having to grind yourself?

Did you come across some sort of scary video, Which promised that it’s going to be your life-changing moment and you have to believe it?

Then you should consider reading this article Because here I am going to explain all the bullShit Behind the scene.

REMEMBER THE TERM    LOA = Law Of Attraction

So What Is Law Of Attraction?

Well, I don’t need to introduce you to this law, But because we are going to understand this thing on a deeper level, that’s why we need it.

According to,” is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe, including the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality”

Ok, The cool thing is to translate whatever is in your mind into reality, You don’t really need to do much, you just need to have a mind that can think.


Karma is a word used for actions, But here it means a little different.

  • If you think positively, You will attract positive events.
  • If you think negatively, You will attract negative events.

That’s the idea of karma, There is good karma (positive thoughts) and Bad Karma (Negative thoughts).


The next thing is a manifestation, What you want to manifest (Or what you want to get?).

You can manifest about anything, From relationships to career goals whatever you want, Just manifest it and see the magic happening itself.

You can use affirmations for manifesting anything, Affirmations are just positive statements like,

  • I am a Millionaire.
  • I am worthy of…

and so on, If you wanna read more about affirmations, Here I have a complete article.

What are affirmations, Do they work?

History Of LOA

History of law of attraction

It seems like this is quite a new concept, But it has been around for a hundred years.

It was first introduced by William Walker Atkinson, He was talking about the vibrational energy of the mind, Which didn’t get any popularity at that time.

The main Evolution of loa started in 2006, When a movie called “secret” was released, This really brought a huge change, People started to believe this fiction.

Does the Law Of Attraction Work?

I will prove with my words, That it does not work at all.

There are some Ideas that are contradicting in their own theory, in one place they say, you can attract anything you want.

Because you are sending energy to the universe, so whatever frequency you are sending to the universe you will attract the same thing.

There is a specific frequency for happiness, good relationships, money, and more. (bull shit)

In another place, Jackcanfeild Who is a big believer of loa talks about its myths. He emphasized the myth of not taking action.

He said If you just think about your dreams and do nothing you will get nothing. You will have to take action and believe in yourself.

He also added that it’s not gonna happen overnight, It’s going to take time, so you have to be patient.

The Contradiction


They are themselves confused about what they are saying, Once they say,  “think and receive” then they say “you have to act, Believe and be Patient”

That’s quite clear if you don’t act you are not gonna get anything, if you don’t work hard you won’t go anywhere, What’s new here?

It’s just the idea of working hard and labeling it with a new name of LOA …(The real game is money which I will explain later).

To hide their own shit, They also state, That sometimes it takes long, You need to be patient, you need to keep believing.

In this article, They say Sometimes you won’t get what you want and you still need to keep believing yourself. (What logic!).

Why It Does Not Work (According to fake gurus)

There are 4 reasons I found in gurus opinions. They said,

  • You are not believing yourself.
  • You are not thinking positively enough.
  • The energy you attract is not what you want. (or not of your type)

The Worst thing is that they also claim it does not work immediately and you may not even see it happening all your life, And the reasons are quite stupid enough, Which you wouldn’t want to believe.

The first reason is when when you have a big dream, Let’s say you want to buy a Lamborghini car, so it’s gonna take a lot of time.

You visualize it, Imagine it, Dream about it but still, you are not able to see any sign of getting this car. Then there is a time when are negative about yourself. During this time you are sending negative energy to the universe, Which is why the universe is sending you negative answers.

The other reasons might be

  • You don’t know the secrets.
  • You feel nervous, so you push things away that you want.
  • There is a trust issue (between you and the universe).

These are some fake reasons they created So that they can engage you with the program.

Why the Law Of Attraction Does Not Work (The Real Answer)

1) Who is the Universe?

who is the universe

The core idea of LOA is that you attract things by thinking about them. It means If I think of becoming the next president of the united states in the next election, It should work for me.

According to loa, The universe will answer you with the frequencies you have sent (which I don’t really understand).

Who is the universe? Did anyone ever ask this question? For everything that happens in your life has a reason known to us, For example, if you fail a test, the reason is you didn’t prepare enough. If you lost the job the reason could be lost within the company, or it’s politics.

But there is no answer as to who is the universe, Why? Because it’s secret, a secret which is in itself a lie. This universe is sending you everything happiness, money, jobs, partner but you don’t know it.

Is this universe our earth, sky, other planets, stars, sun, moon, or what?

They don’t want to link it with a religion, or With a god, Because if it is linked with one specific religion, they are going to lose customers.

That’s why they say, It works for all religions, cultures, and everything. (no rules enjoy)

2) How does It work?

how law of attraction works

If by chance you got the answer to the first question, that is who is the universe? Then you should also know that how does it work?

For example, if you want to manifest happiness, So you think about it in your mind and send energy to the universe. Now, what universe will do with this energy? How do you get that happiness? What’s the response?

Is happiness hanging around the universe? does it have a body? is it a shape or what?

Because the ultimate goal of loa is to send you back what you manifested. I manifest happiness, now what? Here they mix things up.

You have to take action and believe

Some LOA gurus say you have to take action and believe, while others don’t talk of acting. But still, there is room for action in LOA.

If I were to take action, work my ass off, and make goals, Then why would I need these shitty laws? The universe should send me what I had manifested. I don’t want to grind myself.

Plus I also need to be patient and keep believing in-universe, even if I had to wait all my life, I am not allowed to criticize the beautiful law of attraction.

So the process is you have to take action and do it, Which is what everyone is doing, What’s new? there has to be a miracle.

They consider loa as a miracle, Which is something that happens without efforts and tries, You just indicate and magically it happens.

But the Miracle of LOA is different, Where you are required to work like hell, be patient, and keep believing in yourself. (Comm onnnn open your eyes)

3) There Is No Science Behind Law Of Attraction

no science behind LOA

Neil Farber is a P.h.D psychologist, and he truly destroyed the science of the law of attraction.

He mentioned 12 points that LOA is lacking in the science world, And here I want to quote some.


The funniest thing in LOA is, Where you have to act as you have already achieved the things that you want.

If you want to practice LOA, Then you must feel like you have already obtained what you want, (Seriously).

If I had gotten something, Why would I think about it anymore? Why would I need it? and the author of secret says “it takes no time for the Universe to manifest what you want”.

This means Whatever I think I should get it immediately, That’s unrealistic, Science does not believe in such theories.

Thoughts are Responsible For Everything

You are poor, Sorry to hear! But it was only one thought that made you poor.

Remind yourself, There was one day, In which you had a negative thought, and so you became poor.  It was not your education, or business, or job, It was just the poor negative thought.

Because LOA says, You attract whatever you think, So When you had a scary thought about you, Universe manifested it for you, and now look at yourself, you got it (I wish you had thought of being rich! )

It’s a pseudoscience

pseudoscience is where you claim something but with no proof.

Law of attraction is the same science, It’s just false claims and theories, that have been never ever proven. They don’t have the science to explain how it works.

You will see blog posts like this saying that there exists science behind LOA, but it’s not really true.

First of all, they are not authenticated, They are not scientists,  They are just people like you and me So how come they know about science?

Their main science is ‘Like attracts Like”, Which in science is not true. (Think of magnet)

So people don’t cross-check if it’s really true, They just see these blogs and blindly believe what they say.

The Belief

the belief

Their whole idea is around belief, You have to believe it blindly, with no proof and nothing.

Because it’s their business, When you don’t have a strong reason to sell something, You go with illogical things, and this is where people get trapped.

So then people like you and I Start believing it, we keep on visualizing our dream, affirming, and staying positive, but all in vain.

When we don’t see results after a long time, we start to question? Is it even real? Does it work? Is there any science?

So if you are lucky like me, You will find something real that will open your eyes and you won’t believe in this fiction anymore.

Why People Are Crazy About LOA

I will want to emphasize about Why this thing (Law Of attraction) is spreading so fast? Who is benefiting? and why do people believe it even?

  • You will see gurus spreading this fake knowledge.
  • YouTubers who will be claiming that they will change your life.
  • Books, movies and even music is produced in the name of it.

The funny thing is when you go to youtube, Each video will appear with this type of scary thumbnail(clickbait).

law of attraction

  • This is why 90% fail at the law of attraction.
  • Three reasons it’s not working for you.
  • Law of Attraction does not work for most people.

This is Marketing

they do marketing


They are doing marketing with the “Fear principle”. If you don’t know about it, It’s a great way of doing marketing.

In this marketing you make people feel that they lack something, and they need to act right now at the moment, or else they will lose it.

For example, when you add an expiry date to a product, there will be a good amount of increase in sales, that’s because of fear of losing. We don’t want things to lose, We don’t want to run out of time.

Dr.Wayat WoodsMall says, “if you can find out what people’s worst nightmare is, camp out inside their nightmare…[they’ll] do anything…to get out of that situation.”.

When you see the word “Secret” To all happiness and abundance. You are shocked, you feel like you are missing something and you wanna grab it right now.

And that is why they say, Law of Attraction does not work for most the people, And you suddenly realize that am I among those most people, those 90 percent who don’t succeed with LOA?

Immediate Satisfaction

On one side you have 9 hours of job, get exhausted, and still be broke, While on the other side you just close your eyes and boom, with the magical powers money is right in front of you.

People get into this LOA trap Because they think it’s a getting the rich quick scheme. and that’s in our nature.

We, humans, like to get instant gratification, We want the results right at the moment, we are lazy and don’t want to wait years and years to see something happening.

For instance, Why do a lot of people watch movies? It’s because movies give you instant gratification. You are not delaying happiness.

The same goes with LOA, Because it’s their teaching, “Universe does not take time” and you fall into this trap.

You feel like I will close my eyes, and the next moment I will be having a thousand dollars in the pocket. and they label it with “secret” word adding sauce of science( Which does not exist in loa) and call it a LAW.

The Fake Stories

You will hear many fake stories like this one, They are really a great way of motivating yourself to LOA.

If you ever lost your way to LOA and wanted to know if it works or not, Then just read these stories, they will change your life for a short period of time.

We connect better with the stories than with words, or blind beliefs, So when these fake people introduce their fake stories, a lot of people believe in them.

They might be successful, But there is no evidence that IT was the law of attraction that changed their life.

They took action, worked their ass off, created goals, made plans then they found something. You can’t get anything manifesting things, that’s logically not possible.

Money The Real Game

money speaks

The whole game is moving around money, If someone wants to make a fool of you, they have one purpose “Money”.

And there is huge money in this market, It’s because I have personally seen it, I am not talking theories, I have seen it and I will explain it how.

Affiliate System

law of attraction

You will see a lot of people promoting the Law Of Attraction, you know why? They are not interested in you, They don’t want to change your life, They don’t care about you.

They are affiliates, If You know about it, let me tell you. When you sell something and then get a commission in return you are an affiliate.

I am myself affiliate, But not of this shitty system, I don’t promote things that I don’t believe in, I want to share things only that can improve the lives of people.

Their main center is click bank, They are offered,

  • Audio music, or subliminal messages.
  • Videos / Courses.

They are offered a big commission for each sale, I think this should be enough to know why there is too much word for LOA.


Gurus are not backward in this race, they also want to make some handsome amount of money.

They have a lot of fans, people love them, movie stars, self-help authors, ufc champions, all these people are promoting it.

Conor Machregors” It is the Law of Attraction, and it is the most powerful thing in the world”.

Tony Robbins, ” It’s the ability with which you can see what you want to see, you can get what you want to get”.

Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, and many others. They give credits to the Law of attraction in their success.  But they also emphasize working hard, They don’t say to sit down close your eyes and you will get what you want.

But people can’t get the real message. They think it’s just the miracle that happens and these people are lucky enough to see those miracles.

Final Words

Law Of Attraction is a good idea if it’s about visualization and affirmations.

In which case you visualize your dream and it motivates you, But this motivation is only for the purpose that you will work hard. That you won’t give up and will keep going on.

And the other side of LOA is unrealistic and not true, and also a bad idea. You don’t want to believe in things that don’t exist.

And if you do, then prepare yourself for the bad times. Because you are going to lose money, time, and energy. and you won’t get anything at all.

There is no science that proves LOA, It’s fiction it looks good in movies, so keep it to movies don’t make it real.

Stay Happy, Stay away from LOA.

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