Inspirational Stories Of Hope Of Real People

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There are times in life When you feel down When you feel lost. You don’t find any purpose in living anymore, You don’t feel like your life will get on track again, in such times you need these inspirational stories of hope that shift your mindset to the positive side.

Here are some inspirational stories of hope of real people, that will make you believe in yourself when it’s hard.

1)Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi was born in Argentina And came from a very poor family. His father was a factory steelworker, while his mother was a house cleaner.

Messi started playing football in a club when he was just 5, He was so passionate about playing football, he spent his day and night learning this skill.

When his grandmother died at the age of 8, He was so sad that he didn’t play football for weeks, He felt hopeless. But after being forced by his father he started playing football again.

I dedicate my goals to my grandmother. She took to me to football but now she can’t see how far I have come – Lionel Messi

Growth Hormone Deficiency

When Messi was medically treated, The doctors found that he had the disease of Growth Hormone Deficiency, Which meant that he couldn’t grow up.

That looked like the end of his career, If he couldn’t grow, he won’t be able to play football anymore, he won’t be able to pursue his dreams.

He needed to do a surgery that would cost him $900 per month, That was not possible for his parents, Neither his club took any interest in him.

He was the shortest player in his team at that time, Becuase of his height he was bullied and was thought that he will never be able to play professional football.

His Success

When Messi started playing for Barcelona under-14 team, He then found his way to success.

He scored 21 goals in his 14 matches, Which was absolutely a top-class performance, After this huge performance, he was noticed by the FC Barcelona club coach.

He talked to Messi and asked him for a trial game, If Messi could pass this trial, The club will pay his medical bills.

And Messi surpassed the expectations, He was short but undoubtedly a great player too, even at age 16. The coach was inspired by him and gave him a friendly match.

From there Messi didn’t stop, He never disappointed his club or fans, He became a world star. Messi now has a net worth of 600 Million dollars.

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2)Mister Bean

You might be familiar with mister bean, a man with zero haters.

This man can make you laugh without uttering a single word from his mouth, That’s because he is a stammer, He can’t speak with fluency.

And that was considered as his weakness, Everyone made fun of him because of the way he spoke.

The life story of bean is among those inspirational hope stories that will change your perception of life.

He Had Difficult Childhood

When he was just a child, Though his parent didn’t lack money, He was just living in a normal, average family. But the one thing that was teasing him was his speaking and looks.

His classmates would call him with nicknames Doople, Zoonie, Greenman, and Gruman. It was because he didn’t look like a normal person, They thought he was an alien.

He Faced Many Rejections

When he was starting his career in acting, He faced many-many rejections. He is actually an electrical engineer, that turned into an actor.

When he decided to start acting and make it his career, His life became too much difficult.

Where ever he gave audition for acting, he was failed, No one company took him, He was not able to get a job in this industry.

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The Making Of Mr.Bean

When he knew that he is not gonna be getting a job, He will never make it happen. He was not really disappointed. He took failure as an experience and learned something.

Rejections didn’t change his mindest, He never thought of being unworthy, That is why he came up with mister bean.

The thing which was considered his weakness became the strength. He didn’t speak in his movies at all, Instead, he just acted quietly.

This show became popular rapidly, People loved it so much, and it has been dubbed in a lot of languages.

This success was possible because of his determination, He believed in himself and didn’t take the words of people as his reality, He proved everyone wrong.

Mr. Bean Networth is $150 Million.

3) Jackie Chan

You have heard many stories about the life of real people, But this story of Jackie chan is a bit different. It’s one of those inspirational hope stories that will build courage inside you.

Jackie chan was born in hong kong, He was energetic right from his childhood, He was ambitious from the beginning and wanted to do something bigger.

His father was a spy, He revealed that when his father died. He lived a tough life in childhood.

He learned Martial Arts

When Jackie chan was just a kid, he was admitted to a school where he learned to fight.

He learned martial arts in his early days of life and was so much disciplined because of the training that he got from his school.

Some days he even worked 19 hours, and the punishment which was given during martial arts training was extra. He had to learn many things in that school from singing, acrobatic, martial arts to dancing.

He Was Intimidated

When he was in school, he was quite terrified of other boys. He was not even able to defend himself, But one day everything just changed.

I was bullied quite alot, when i was growing up. I allowed myself to be bullied because i was scared.and I didn’t know  how to defend myself, I was bullied until i prevented someone from being bullied – Jackie Chan

When he defended one of his friends, he became brave, That was the time when he believed in himself that he can use martial arts in the real world.

That was the reason he considered going into movies.

Jackie Chan Became A Stunt Man

When Jackie chan first started filming movies, he was taken as a stunt man. Where he would just appear for a single shot and then disappear.

He was considered to be a very brave man because he performed each stunt that he was told with courage, This gave him a slight edge over others.

Although he was not brave in heart, He felt scared when trying to make a stunt, But he would just show it like he is not scared of it.

He Didn’t Make It To The Top

He worked in a lot of movies, But he was never given a good role, He didn’t become the hero that he wanted.

Jackie was not able to tolerate this anymore, he went to Australia and worked as a construction worker, Jack couldn’t give up on his dreams that is why he came back to hong kong three years later with big hopes.

First Successful Movie

When Jackie Chan came back, this time he created a movie that became the reason for his success.

His first successful movie was ‘Eye In The Eagles Shadow‘, which gave him fame and popularity. after this movie he didn’t stop and gradually became a world-renowned actor.

Jackie chan’s net worth is $400 million.

4) Nikola Tesla

The man who invented Ac( Alternating Current) was once working in new york streets, for only 2 dollars, It’s an inspirational story of hope for all sorts of people.

This genius was living in survival mode, he did everything to pursue his dreams by remaining broke for few years. So here we are going over the story of Nikola Tesla, That’s one of those inspirational stories that will make you believe in yourself.

Child Of Darkness

When Nikola Tesla was born, on that day it was thundering and lightning. Which was considered a bad omen in that tribe.

So his caretaker took his hand said “This will be the child of darkness” upon hearing this his mother replied, ” NO, This will be the child of lights“.

Nikola was a sharp kid, he was good in maths and science, and wanted to become an electrical engineer. When he joined college he took admission in this field and became an engineer.

Worked With Thomas Edison

Nikola tesla was popular for his imagination and creativity. Edison when knew about Nikola, He called Nikola to new york and asked him to worth with him.

Edison was working on “Dc Motors” which needed some improvements. He told Nikola that if he would improve the existing version of dc motors, Edison will pay him 50,000 Dollars.

Edison said it just because he thought it’s impossible, It can’t be done, paying 50,000 dollars was never his idea, it was just a joke.

But Nikola worked on his idea, and tried to improve the DC, he worked his day and night to really come up with something that’s better than Edison’s DC.

Edison Cheated Nikola

When Nikola completed the task given by Edison, There came the real face of Edison in front of him, He asked Edison to pay him his reward, But unfortunately, it was never paid.

Edison told him, “You don’t understand our American humor”, That was a heartbreaking moment for Nikola, His months of experiments gave him nothing.

He was upset with this behavior of Edison, Nikola left this company and never looked back at it.

He Worked In Streets

After this incident, Nikola worked in New York streets doing different odd jobs. he did whatever he could to pay his day bills nothing else.

While working in the streets for 2 dollars a day, He didn’t give up on his dreams, Instead, he was constantly reaching to investors to feed his idea.

I don’t care that they stole my idea, I care that they don’t have anyone of their own – Nikola Tesla

Nikola Invented Ac

After years of doing street jobs, He was finally able to work on his idea of Ac( alternating current). He was picked by investor George Westinghouse.

This invention introduced the world to new cheap electricity, this new innovation spread in the country rapidly.

In the 1890s Tesla invented electric oscillators, meters, improved lights, and the high-voltage transformer known as the Tesla coil.

He became unstoppable, Nikola became a millionaire from working at new york streets at 2 dollars.



Here are the key learnings that we can take from these inspirational stories of hope of real people.

1) Big Dream Means Bigger Sufferings

If you are on a mission that’s huge, that no one else seems to be doing, you need to prepare yourself for the bigger sufferings.

You will fail, There is no other way you can get bigger success without failing. Failure is not a bad thing, It’s just an experience, it’s one more way of not doing things.

2) Your Experience Will Pay

Remember Nikola tesla, He was working in new york streets only for 2 dollars, While he was a graduate engineer, He had also improved the idea of dc motors.

Did all these things went paying nothing, No, at last Nikola became a millionaire just because of his experiences, If he would not have built dc for Edison, No one would ever give him a chance of inventing ac.

No pain, No Gain.

That’s it, I expect these Inspirational stories of hope will have shown you a spark of motivation When you are feeling down.

Stay Motivated, Inspire The Next.

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