How to Quit 9 to 5 job?

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Do you wanna quit 9 to 5 job? Well, That’s the dream of many.

But the real question is how can you quit 9 to 5 job without killing yourself? not exactly but many people burn themselves to get out of their day job.

So here we are going over some legit ways that you can use, To start earning a new income. It’s not going to be theory only, I am going to share some practical case studies So that you have an overview of how is it done actually?

how to quit 9 to 5 job

Is 9 to 5 job Really Worth Your Time?

Statistics show that 9 to 5 job is not really with your time,

  •  45 percent of workers say they are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs.
  • Only 20 percent feel very passionate about their jobs.
  • 33 percent believe they have reached a dead-end in their career.
  • 21 percent are eager to change careers.

That’s enough to tell the story, That 50% or more are unsatisfied with their jobs. It’s because getting up for a job that you don’t like and then doing it for a whole day is not a good option.

It’s like spending your life rather than living it, It means this 50% are just trying to reach the end of their life, That’s their goal.

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Why i love my job


But then there are these people, Who have got 13 reasons to love their job. (They are a lot) Most people don’t even have a single reason to love their job.

So clearly that depends on person to person, If you are here then definitely you hate your job, and somehow you want to quit it.

Why should you quit your job?

If you are the type of person who thinks,

  • I don’t want to work 9 to 5 anymore.
  • I am tired and want to get out of the 9 to 5 grind.
  • how to ditch a 9 to 5 job.

Those are the signs that you should quit your job, YOu are not finding satisfaction in this job anymore, It’s not for you now and you should find an alternative to this shit.

When Should You Quit Your Job?

Ok, So you have figured out whether you want to quit your job or not. But that’s just 20% of the work The rest is about planning.

When is the right time that you should quit your job? It’s very important to know Because if you quit your job in anger, Without any planning, and don’t know if there exist other opportunities  Then it would be your most horrible decision.

quit my job

Of course, there are these people who will ask you to be brave and confident, and quit your job right away.  Do you think that’s really what one should do?

I don’t think so, If you don’t have a plan, if there is no backup, you should never do it.

Only you know your situation, So better plan it before you quit your job, There is must at least a kind of hope and motivation that will help you keep going when you leave your job.

Quit your job when you feel you can pay your bills for some time. The CNBC States, if it costs you 2500 per month then you should have 15000 dollars to quit your day job.

How Do You Avoid 9 to 5 Job?

Here is How you can quit a 9 to 5 job.

  1. Start a blog.
  2. Do Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Offer a service.

So till now, you will have the exact idea as to when you should quit your job.

First of all, you need to decide what are other things that you can do. Are you looking for another job? or you trying to earn money online with a passive income?

If you are looking for another job, Then I would suggest you go over this article, That explains how you can find another job well.

Because I don’t really know about jobs much, So here I am going to be discussing business, and the best option is to go online.

What Are The Options?

what to do

You have thousands of options to start your online business, But which one should you go with? Which one should you pick?

You can decide by understanding what do you want? what’s your purpose? why do you want to start an online business?

Here you have two options.

  • Freedom.
  • Money.

If your goals if freedom, are not desperate for more money, Then you can start with something like blogging, youtube, selling photos, and many more. All these options are for passive income.

But if you are interested in money only, You want to get money as quickly as possible, Then these are not really the options you should try.

You better give people a service, Which I will talk about later on this topic.

Passive Income

Passive income is about when making money while you sleep. You might have seen people talking about making money online passively but that’s not really easy.

Of course, It’s possible to earn money online passively, But it’s going to take time, if you can keep on working up to a year, without any big results then you should give passive income a try.

And it’s worth your time, Once you establish an online business with a passive income you can scale it to the level that will replace your day job.

Passive income is the dream of many, This is something you should work for, No matter how hard it is, it’s worth your time.

1) Start With A Blog

The best way to earn money online is by blogging. Because blogging doesn’t have many requirements, plus you can do it anywhere.

You don’t need a technical background, you don’t really need to be a highly skilled person. Anyone on this earth can start blogging with no experience at all.

So the question is would you be able to make money with blogging? The short answer is yes, the long answer is it depends.

Can You Make Money Blogging

1000 dollars

This food blogger earned 1000 dollars in just three months of blogging, and now she is earning over 6 figures per month by blogging only.

It’s about your idea, and the content you produce, if you can touch with your audience well, you will start earning very quickly.

Hold on to your breath that was not really shocking, The next one is really going to hit hard.

This guy made $21k right in his first year of blogging, While $150k in his second and $400k in his third year of blogging.

That’s big money, you can easily replace your day job with this income, but remember you don’t know if your idea will hit hard or not.

Different Types Of Blogging

There are two types of bloggers.

  • Passion blogger.
  • Money bloggers.

Some bloggers are making way less money, that’s because they are doing it for passion.

While others make huge money right off the bat, That’s because they treat blogging as a business, They don’t write for passion, They don’t do blogging because they love, They are bloggers for money.

In our case, It’s just beginning. definitely, we are here for business, But don’t know if when will we make money. We are not monetizing until we have a huge audience. Our case is different. (or sometimes you have to fail before you succeed)

Is Blogging Easy

If you are talking of skills, blogging is easy, it takes no time to start it, you will master the basics in one week.

But the real thing is to scale to the level that your blog makes money, It’s hard that phase is not easy, but definitely achievable.

Just set up your blog with WordPress, it’s only a drag and drop thing and you have your first blog.

I highly recommend starting with blogging, It’s the easiest method to grow online as compared to others, It doesn’t really require too much time, no specific skills, You just need to able to write, and boom you are a blogger enjoy.

If you want to learn more about blogging, You can go through this link.

2) Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

The other source of online earning is affiliate marketing.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t even need a website, You can start earning without any blog or website.

First of all,

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you sell a product that you don’t own and earn a commission.

It’s that simple, You don’t need to create any product, You don’t need that testing phase if it works or not. You just need to find a winning product that has already done well.

You are the middle man here, You are just referring people to buy this product.

Your job is to convince people to buy things by clicking on your link.

Where Are Products?

Products are everywhere on the internet. first, look at amazon, They are selling like crazy, Everything is being sold on amazon, So what if people buy things from your link?

The major sites are,,, and many more…

How Would You Sell Them?

Usually, bloggers do affiliate marketing, They write a blog post about any product and then add a link to it, From where they earn a commission.

But most people have done it without a website, You can do it on Instagram, on Facebook, Even on youtube.

Whatever suits you, pick your favorite one, But best Is youtube for affiliate marketing. See this guy makes 1000 grand a month with youtube affiliate marketing.

They just place a link to the product in the description and people actually buy it.

you can do unboxing, product reviews, and much more.

To get started with affiliate marketing you can check out this blog.

Can You Make Money In Affiliate Marketing?

According to this survey, Publishers produced more than 50 thousand dollars in 2016. (Wooh)

Affiliate marketing is a great business if done correctly Because there are products that pay you up to 65 dollars per sale. (That is blue host hosting)

When you refer someone to Bluehost hosting, they will pay only 3-4 dollars for a month and this will give you 65 dollars. It’s really worth putting efforts into (In fact I will do it when I scale this blog a little)

You can send it to someone on Facebook, Instagram you don’t even need a website for it. So if you wanna do it, I assure you, You will make money here, Remember,

Where there is a will, There is a way.

Well, Those are the two free ways to earn money online passively. But if you got some cash you can definitely try Facebook ads, That might change your luck.

But for this time we are only sticking to freeways.

2) Offer Services

offer services

As I told you earlier, If you want to earn money quickly you need to offer services, Because passive ideas might take a year.

So if you don’t have too much patience, that you should consider providing services to others.

This guy demonstrated it well, You can start giving services and charge them for money. It means you are trading for money right off the bat, you don’t need to wait a year to see results.

He left his day job and started an online business with the name of and in 6 months he was able to generate 5000 dollars in a month as revenue.

So There is of course a lot of potential in providing services, but it might go wrong too. but the good news is that you are not gonna waste your time in this business.

Start Freelancing

Are you familiar with freelancing? if not, then here you are.

There are websites like,, Upwork, Where you create your profile and list your services. Then the buyer will ask you to do complete a project and then you will be paid.

let’s say you are a video editor, So you can list your services on these sites, The buyer will send you his/her videos you will have to edit them, and then you are paid.

What Skills Will Pay You?

If you have any skill you can find a job in these sites, There are a range of skills and each skill has a good demand.

If you can write, edit videos, make a log, edit photos, voice-over, animat videos then you can find a job here, Not only these but a lot more, these are just samples to show you that if you have any skill you can find a job there.

What About the Competition?

When starting out it can be a little difficult, Because there is always huge competition on these websites. So to stand out you need some five stars so that the buyer feels you are trusted.

There are some good tactics that you can use to stand out on these platforms, yeah it will take a little time, you will get orders if you stick to it.

It might not take more than a month to get started on these platforms, The money is immediately there, You just need a client, Which you can get by watching this video.


These are the three main ways that you can earn money online, Both of them are worth trying, They won’t disappoint you.

Things to Remember

things to remember

When are about to start an online business and quit 9 to 5 job you need to remember a few things.

Most people jump into this online Bizness (miss spelled on purpose) without really understanding what they are going to do.

It’s just the name of entrepreneurship and business, that gives the derive. It looks so fancy, but it’s hard work for the first 2 years you are going to grind yourself, then you will see freedom.

But it’s still worth it, if there is freedom you should even kill yourself to get that freedom.  Here are some things that you need to remember.

1) Success Is Not Overnight

Micheal Leonard, quit 9 to 5 job that paid him really well, he was paid up to $100k, but his ultimate goal was freedom so he left his job.

In his experience this was his best decision in life, if he would not have taken this decision he would still remain the same till now.

He is now earning $20k per month only with freelancing as a writer, he writes for and many other top motivational blogs.

It took him 4 years to get to this stage, So don’t assume you are going to dominate the market without grinding yourself.

2) It’s Business A Real Business

it is a real business

When starting an online business, there is always one question.

When will I start making money?

Because it’s so hard to make your first cent, You don’t really know if ever you will make your first dime or not? because like every other business online business can fail too. you have to be okay with it.

3) Entrepreneurship Is Not Fancy

This guy had the same story, he started his blog and expected to grow as, But then he realized it’s a real business, that requires time and effort and it’s not easy.

Eneterprenruship is so much fantasized these days, It feels effortless, painless, and unchallenging. But in fact, the opposite is true.

You have to be willing to work on days when you don’t feel like it When you don’t want to work.

You will still be working when you won’t see any hope at all, When your mind will be asking you, “what are you doing?”

4) Stay Away From Gurus

stay away from gurus

There are gurus claiming that their course will help you grow your business in no time. That’s a complete scam.

Well, They have expertise in their field, and they will benefit you. In the end, they are only going to tell you what to do? It’s your job to find how to do it?

No one in the world can tell about you, No one knows about your business, It’s a new idea, new business, and of course requires a new approach.

So don’t be fooled by the gurus.

5) What About Success Stories

There are some outliers, Who see results very fast. They don’t take a lot of time to establish their online business. They are really exceptions.

When you hear their stories, You feel like it’s that easy, I am going to be earning in no time. Stay Alert!

As I told you about blogging, Of course, you can make money with blogging, But it’s different for everyone. As I mentioned some bloggers made $20k right in the first year, But we haven’t earned a dime in 5-6 months.

So it’s different for everyone, There are success stories, But there are failed stories too. Where are they?

Actually, They are not available on the internet, They are not writing articles telling you that they didn’t make it. They are busy doing their day jobs again. (They are available on quora talk to them)

6) Start As A Side Hustle

start as a side hustle

Don’t get me wrong, before you quit your job, start an online business as a side hustle.

You can’t risk your life before you know if things work or not. and might be you will find it boring, it seems interesting from far, But what if the reality was quite opposite to it?

So when you work on your business as a side hustle, You will get the idea of it if it’s working for you. And from there you can actually know if you should quit 9 to 5 job or not.

7) Should You Start Online Business and quit 9 to 5 job?

Knowing all this, Should you start your online business and quit 9 to 5 job?

Hell Yeah! You have got one life, don’t live it miserable. I know there are failures, You will make mistakes, but after all these things it’s still worth it.

Who knows? you might get your business running, you might even replace your day job in your first year. So don’t be afraid of failures, they teach you something.

They are experiences, you will experience new things, You won’t stay the same.  In fact, failures make you stronger and more confident.

Keep on trying, there will be a day when you will be proud of yourself, When you will be telling the world your stories, When you will be inspiring new people.

Imagine how great would be that, So don’t let the limiting beliefs stop you, There is nothing impossible.

Good Luck!

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