How Do You Increase WillPower

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Let’s face it, When you sit down to study/work, You don’t feel like it. It seems like you won’t be able to finish the work that you started, Right! So here you are, in this article, you will learn how to increase your willpower.

How Do I Gain WillPower And SelfDiscipline?

Here is how you can increase your willpower.

  • Don’t think about the struggles too much.
  • Start small.
  • Create an addictive vision.
  • Focus on the reward.

Don’t panic, I will explain everything.

Can WillPower Be Trained?

Yes, you can train your willpower, and it has been scientifically proven too. And to train your willpower you just need to hold on to your desires and temptations.

What Causes Lack Of WillPower?

Not following your passion leads to a lack of willpower. If you do things that you are not interested in that you are not passionate about, You will face a lack of willpower.

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Don’t Just Work On WillPower

Dont work on willpower

Willpower alone doesn’t work, there needs to be another thing attached to willpower.

The reason willpower will fail you is, Willpower works on the denial principle. Here is what i mean,

Willpower says,

Work hard, keep grinding, sleep late, Wake up early.

We are humans, We don’t like strict routines, So you can’t motivate yourself to do these things unless you are rewarded for doing these.

It means if your focus is willpower, You are narrowing your mind to no’s only. And what you need to do is to switch your focus to yes only.

Here is what you need.

The Emotional Experience

emotional experience

It’s time to hack your mind, to make it feel good about working hard.

It’s all about your wants, desires. The things that you like, your vision, what you want from your life?

You need to have an addicted vision, a vision that you can’t forget any moment of your life, which brings so many emotions, The joy of achieving that dream, the fear of losing it.

when you build this kind of vision you will no longer need the willpower to get going, this vision is enough to push you.

Why do you need to have an emotional experience?

Do you need the willpower to watch movies, or listen to a song?

Of course not, you can watch movies for hours and hours, and you won’t even notice it. So what they are doing in a movie?

They invoke your emotional feelings, sadness, or happiness. when you watch movies, you get an emotional experience, they don’t talk about data, facts, or figures, they play with your emotions.

So what’s the difference between a movie and your work? why you can’t get the same focus on your work? why it looks so boring? you have to muster your courage to actually do your work.

It’s because you are relying on willpower only. you are saying no to all of your desires.

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How does it work?

women asking how

Our mind deals better with visuals, pictures, and real-life things.

The emotional experience attached to your vision will help you visualize your dreams.

That way it creates a map in your mind, this map gives you clarity and once you are clear about what you want, your motivation will be on the 7th sky.

How to build your Emotional experience?

OK, now you might be a little familiar with the idea, let’s just know what are those steps you can take to bring emotional experiences to your willpower.

Craft Your Desing Of A Creative Vission

What is that thing you want to do? what do you want from your life?

You need to make a highly addictive vision, something that will bring happiness to your life. A vision that does not let you sleep, which is so demanding that you don’t get distracted at any cost.

Worry not, because here I am going to explain how can you make that vision, I will explain the exact steps you should take to build that vision.

1) What do you want?

what do you want

The first question is obvious, what do you want from your life? this might not be easy to figure out, so you need to take your time to actually know what excites you.

It’s difficult to find out what exactly you like, some people find it early while others find it late, but if you keep asking at some point you will get the purpose of your life.

I never knew what I wanted from my life, I tried everything, from Engineering to computer science, until I started blogging.

So don’t be impatient, sometimes it takes time to know about yourself.

2) Why do you want it

why you want

Is it your inner desire?

Do you want to achieve your dream, just to show off to people or you want to satisfy your inner core values? Because if it’s for people, you are not going to stick to it, you need to have a deep inner desire to get this thing.

Once your why is clear, you can do anything, you will start to believe that there is nothing impossible.

Take the example of David Goggins, who lost 106 pounds in just 3 months. That’s not what a normal man can do, this requires a strong why.

3) How it feels

how it feels

Give it emotions, feelings. How would it be when you have achieved your vision?

Who will be the people around you? How will you be feeling? ask yourself all these questions, have a deep conversation with yourself.

Let’s say you have achieved your vision, what benefits you get from this vision, are you financially stable, can you support your family, your friends, are you able to serve people around you?

4) Give it a deadline

representation of deadline

To increase WillPower, You need a deadline.

When you have identified your vision, now it needs a time frame, what’s the time you get to this vision?

Mentioning the exact date is very important because it empowers your imaginations, you know exactly when it will happen.

Here is why you need a deadline,

  • It creates a strong desire.
  • You can feel your vision.
  • It seems possible.
  • You actually believe in yourself.

When you know when you are going to achieve your dream, you can work better on it, and you Will have a good measurement of where you are going.

For example, my vision is to earn $100k per month by 2027, and it’s not gonna happen overnight, I know I have to work hard, and for that, I have set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

If I want this income, I will need to earn 100$ first, then 1k, and so on…

This motivates me, I know I have a very good future waiting for me, but I need to work on something small before I actually reach my dreams.

5) Write it everywhere

a pink shirt man writing on paper

Once your deadline is mentioned, now is the time to write it everywhere, make it cover of laptop, phone, tablet, write it on the walls of your room, share it on your Facebook timeline.

It is a sort of reminder, and that is how to increase willpower, where ever you go, you should see your dreams, this will keep you engaged with your dreams.

The point is to be connected with your dreams all the time, don’t be distracted, The more you see it, the more you can visualize it, and this will compel you to work for it.

6)What are the five steps you can take right now?

a boy stepping on blocks

This is a billion-dollar question, you need to identify the steps which will lead you to your destiny.

Let’s understand with an example, how you can take these five steps.

My vision is to get $100k per month, the five action steps that I can take right now are,

  • Write blog posts
  • Bring traffic
  • Monetize blog
  • Find affiliates
  • Learn digital marketing

These are the five steps that I can take now, and move towards my journey.

Whatever you do, in the end, you need to take action, just writing and thinking won’t make you successful, you have to take action.

Just thinking about how to increase willpower won’t solve the problem, it’s the action that you need to take which will solve the problem for you.


Once again I want to repeat, willpower alone without emotional experience won’t do the job, you need to have very strong feelings as to why you are doing something.

Use your vision to motivate yourself, you don’t need to hear to motivational speakers to be motivated, motivation comes from inside, and if you really know what you are doing, and why you are doing it, you will no longer need motivational stuff.

So That’s how to increase willpower.

If u liked the idea or you wanna add something tell us in the comment section.

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