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How to be consistent, good question! Let me ask you one more question.

If you are inconsistent at being consistent, Does it mean you are consistent at being inconsistent? (😉 Haha)

At least I just wanted you to engage with me, That was a random meme I found about consistency, So I thought let’s bring a smile on faces.

Coming back to the question, How to be consistent? well, Just reverse the process and you are consistent( How to be not inconsistent).

This is what I wanted you to think, I answered up to your expectations. Your expectations about consistency maybe are it’s easy, Just google it read an article, and boom, you are consistent.

How I became Consistent?

I was not good at this thing (consistency), not only this but I needed serious help for my self-help (Sometimes it’s okay to write cheeky things).

All I mean is I wanted to be confident, At the same time, I wanted to sound cool, clever, smart and definitely, I loved the consistency.

So I decided to get these things at once.

There was no day passed, That I wouldn’t search for, How to be consistent? How to be confident? How to be…

I read book after book, Article after Article, Watched plenty of videos, And you know what It changed my life, I was happy, confident, consistent.  I mean whatever I needed, I got it. (woohoo)

That’s what I wanted you to think

Nothing as such happened ever, I read a lot of shit, Watched Videoz, But nothing happened.

I was still the same, couldn’t see if I ever made a little progress. I was just happy that I am reading and learning, I am progressing (not really).

Stop Reading (how to be consistent?)

stop reading about consistency

Admit it, You are not any different than me, You and I are the same at this thing…

I used to google things like, How to be consistent? How to be confident? how to be… But hardly ever I could remember anything after a day.

The hard truth is you and me, we read for the sake of reading, There is nothing as serious that we really want to change.

The cold truth is, You are bombarded with the content, Self-help industry made you feel that you lake everything. There is nothing good about you, you are not confident, you don’t look good, you are not smart…

Decide now

You need to find out the area of your life that you want to improve, and start working on that.

Just don’t go and read about everything, There has to be a burning desire for one thing that you want to change. Decide on that thing, learn about it, practice it, That’s the only way you can improve.

When I asked myself, What’s the most important thing? The answer was (💲💲💲💲).

We need this thing called money, Everone needs it, So I thought why not read about this thing… Upon learning how to make money, I knew there are thousands of ways to make money online.

So I stopped reading everything, and just focused on earning money online. This thing led me to blog, And that was the time I became consistent.

Why is it hard to be consistent?

Building consistency takes time, It’s not something easy that you will get overnight, You have to practice for some time to make it your habit.

here are the three reasons building consistency is hard.

  • the practice is hard+unintersting.
  • We love boring things (if you know what I mean).
  • There are so many distractions.

The reason it’s so hard is that we don’t like doing hard and boring things. So with consistency, you are training yourself, Which is hard and boring.

(Watch this video to love doing hard things)

And because we have too many options to choose from, For example, if you are studying at the same time you have the choice to listen to a song, watch a movie, go out with friends…

All the other things are interesting, But you have chosen the dullest one ( studying).

This is the reason building consistency is so hard.

Why consistency is the key to success?

It’s because of compounding, With compounding, you can do anything, You can master whatever you want to do.

Einstien was not crazy or mad, Who considered compounding to be the 8th wonder of the world. It’s because things add up with the passage of time.

I couldn’t find a better example then,

They went from 8 Billion to $280 Billion in revenue in 13 years, This consistency helped them become the second richest company in the world with ( $1000 Billion market capture).

business analysis chart

This shows that everything big takes time, Amazon was once just a simple garage, But now it’s right in front of you, A big Giant company.

Pro tip: Stick to one thing


How to be consistent? (Actually)

So here I am going to show you exactly how you can be consistent. Well, there are going to be many ideas, Which you can’t follow all of them, But I just want you to commit to 2-3 ideas to stay consistent.

These ideas are going to be easy not something big, It just requires you to take a small step, and repeat it over and over again.

1) Don’t be alone

don't be alone to be consistent

I have done a lot of things in my life, From computer programming to development, designing, making youtube videos. But hardly ever I was consistent.

I would start one thing and then did it for 2-3 months, But I wouldn’t carry it anymore. It seemed boring, So I thought let’s quit ( yeah well done).

Here is why I was never consistent.

  • I always did it alone.
  • Therefore I had the option of quitting.
  • No one could ask me, Why?

So when you doing something alone, I mean you don’t have a partner, friend or someone to mark you responsible. You have the opportunity to quit.

Because you don’t have to answer to somebody about why you did it? There is no pressure, no support and you take your own decisions.

What changed me?

Blogging is the only platform where I am consistent,  I couldn’t even believe that I will be doing something consistently.

It’s not about blogging only, It’s about being accountable to someone. I am accountable to my friend for blogging, We are partners for this blog.

So if one day I didn’t do anything on the blog, If he couldn’t see any activity here, Definitely I will have to answer for that.

In this case Wether, I like it or not, I have to work, there is no other way that I can escape myself.

Why does it work?

Dude! if you have always left free choices for yourself, There are good chances that you won’t stay on your promises.

When you say, Ok I will do it tomorrow, Or let’s just start something else, You are giving yourself free will, You are not going to see any kind of punishment.

You don’t want stress, You don’t like doing hard things, Things look scary, uninteresting, and difficult.

In such situations, You need someone, Either that supports you or asks you for work. and here is why it works?

  • Your choices are not free.
  • You want to look trustworthy.
  • You want to prove yourself to others.

So better partner with someone, or Show your progress to your friend daily.

2) Create goals

create goals to be consistent

How come you live a life without goals? I know you have goals (i want to be a doctor/engineer/rich) but do you have written steps that will lead you to your goals.

That’s what I call goals, You need to know what’s your purpose is for this week? What are the things that you are going to accomplish this month?

goals give you clarity

How much is too much? How little is too little? What’s the answer? You never know!

Unless you define your goals, you don’t know if you are doing more or less, there is no way that you can measure your progress without goals.

Consistency comes with clarity

Remember, Clarity is king. When you are clear about what you want to do this week, You get motivated to act and see a little progress.

We love accomplishments, So when you have completed your weekly goals, You see progress, This progress gives you happiness.

Now you will want to feel the same way again, For that, you will keep pushing yourself to achieve goals, so that you can feel satisfaction.

when you don’t see progress, you don’t really know if you are doing anything or not, Thus you become demotivated.

  • Creating goals gives clarity.
  • You can see how far you have gone.
  • This progress makes you feel good.

For example, my goal for this blog is to publish 10 posts each month, so it means each week at least I need a post, which If further divided, I need a post per 3 days.

Now I know that I will have to publish a post in these 3 days, So I can’t put my work on tomorrow, And when I’m done, I feel motivated Because I completed one of my tiny goals.

What happens when you don’t have goals

If you don’t have goals, You will become president of the united states of America(😜)…

Jokes apart but you are gonna go nowhere if you don’t have set goals. And you have experienced this always in your life.

I will do it tomorrow…

There is no tomorrow do it today, The reason you put things on tomorrow is you think you have a lot of time. Things don’t look challenging.

If I wouldn’t set a goal of putting a post every 3 days, I would put my work on tomorrow.

Now because I know, If I wait for tomorrow, I will have to put 2 posts in 3 days, That’s damn hard. I can’t do it.

So it makes me feel that I don’t have time, I am running out of time already, So better do it today, Don’t make tomorrow tougher.

3) Remember marginal Effect

Earlier I gave the example of, but this time I want you to look at the pewdipie subscribers from year to year.

consistency example

When you do things on daily basis, With little by little improvement, You will get massive results in the end, That’s a marginal effect.

I will prove it with many examples here, first, look at pew di pie, That curve in dec, 2018 tells the story, He is getting 100k subscribers each day, ( oh my Gawd )

from July 2018 to July 2019 he got 23 million subscribers. That’s insane, The curve, in the end, is telling the whole story( Compounding).

As I told you, Things add up and create a compounding effect, This compounding is no less than wonders.

Novak Djokovic a perfect example

When I talk of marginal improvement, I don’t forget this example ever, in fact, I used this example in one of my earlier posts (how to motivate yourself ).

consistency example

In 2004 he was ranking in the ’90s, But just a little improvement year by year consistently he went to the top position #1.

He improved his scoring from 49$ to 51% to 55%, This percentage helped him become a world-class athlete and number one tennis player.

He won 90% of his matches with this little improvement, That looks really tiny improvement, But that’s the key to success.

I highly suggest you to watch this video, This literally changed the way I think.

I aim for long term goals now, I understood this concept so deeply, That I don’t look for short term success anymore.

The bottom line is if you work on a daily basis, With a little improvement, You are going to see big results (this should motivate you).

4) Build a Strong Focus

build a strong focus

The next thing that you can do, To be consistent is, To build your focus.

Without building focus, You can’t remain consistent, because things will distract you no matter what you do. So there has to be a way that you can build your focus.

And here I am going to explain how can you build that focus.

Find one focus point

There has to be a priority, Something is going to be more important than another.

Find that one thing that you really wanna do, And be consistent at it, Just focus on ONE thing. Remember if you have too many priorities you have no priority.

2 Things completed are better then 10 things half completed.

The important thing is to do something, for a to z, Don’t be involved in too many things, you can’t do everything, You are just not made to do all of the things. something is not for you, So avoid it!

Build a 90-day focus

When you have found your priority, Your first priority actually Then you have to do it for 2 hours early in the morning.

You are going to do it for 90 days, This is going to build your habit, This is training your mind…

You are telling your mind that the most important thing is to work on my first priority, The thing that I want to do, And then you will start to do it on autopilot. You don’t need to push yourself after 90 days, it’s going to become your habit.

You are going to be comfortable with it.

Avoid distraction

When you wake up early in the morning, what you do at first?

  • checking WhatsApp.
  • Facebook.
  • messenger…

Trying to see what your friends are doing, or what your favorite celebrity is doing, this has become a habit of many people, That’s what social media is doing to us.

The main purpose of these social media apps is to snatch our attention, And they are successfully doing it.

If you are used to these things, you can’t build your focus, Your focus is going to shatter.

Maybe you will see your friends enjoying, sharing their stuff on Facebook, This will make you sick, It becomes so difficult to focus on yourself When you see others enjoying and you burning yourself.

You are not going to be happy, You won’t enjoy working and doing things…

So better avoid all these social media apps, Even if you don’t use them at all, It’s not gonna cost you anything.

Bottom line, Build your focus, Find your most important task, just one task, Do it for 2 hours Early in the morning up to 90 days and avoid social media during this time.

5) Remind yourself of long term Goals

remind yourself a goal

There are moments When you feel like quitting When you don’t want to do it anymore.

It happens, With you, me, And with everyone. You can not stop these feelings, There are going to be moments, When you don’t want to stay at the business.

So what should you do at such a moment?

  • Remind yourself of your long term goals.
  • Recall your vision.
  • Remember yourself, Why you started.

Here comes the importance of vision, Why you need a vision a long-term goal, a purpose?

Because that’s the only thing that will help you be there When things are tough. Your vision and purpose will give you a derive When you are about to quit When you are about to stop!

Create a compelling vision

When Thomas Edison was inventing the bulb, He failed 999 Times, But he didn’t give up, He was so consistent.

And when he was asked, How did you overcome all these failures, Why didn’t you quit? The answer was shocking.

I dint fail 999 Times, I learnt the 999 Ways to not do one thing. The light bulb was invention with 1000 steps, Great success is built on failures and frustrations – Thomas Edison

When you have a big vision, When you want to change the world with your ideas, Failures don’t look like Failures, but steps to success.

We fail at consistency because of our vision, It’s not that big and scary, It’s not something that brings excitement to us.

This is why we don’t do things consistently, We know even if we have achieved this vision, It wouldn’t be that great.

The bottom line, To stay consistent, Remind yourself of your vision, purpose, and long term goals, create a compelling vision that gives you derive.

Here is how you can build a great vision.

Books to read on consistency

Here are some books related to consistency, You might want to read.

( note these are affiliate links, which means we get a commission if you purchase, learn more here)

Key points

Here are the key things to remember, So that you stay consistent.

  1. Decide on one thing, What you really need and want to do.
  2. Don’t work alone, Be accountable to someone who always has to check your progress.
  3. Create daily, weekly, and monthly goals, to update your progress.
  4. Stay focused, pay attention to one thing, do it for 90 days early in the morning for 2 hours to build the habit.
  5. Keep in mind, The marginal effect and compounding effect ( little things add up to make something big)
  6. Create a vision, Live a purpose full life.

Final words

Consistency is the only way you can achieve success, you can do something big, Something that will change your life.

Take the Example of water, When it falls on the rock, it does not do anything at first, But if the same drops of water keep falling on the same rock over and over again. What will happen?

This tiny drop of water is going to burst the rock into pieces. That’s the power of consistency.

But what about you and me? We are humans, We can do more than that, We can even change the whole world if we did something consistently.

The End…

You can apply these techniques to be consistent at anything, in Studies, In Business, In life, and With Excercise…

So that’s it for today, I hope you got some motivation from this post.

Which idea are you going to implement right now? tell me in the comment section, I love to hear from you guys. 


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