How Effective are AA meetings in New Jersey?

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Many people don’t understand why other people become addicted to alcohol. They may mistakenly think that those who are alcoholics lack willpower or moral principles. It is not possible for them to stop drinking simply by choosing to do so. Drinking is a compulsion that is difficult to control despite harmful consequences.

Alcohol addiction is like a complex disease. It takes more than good intentions or a strong will to quit. There are some groups all around that help people to recover from excessive drinking habits and lead productive lives. Alcoholics Anonymous is one such support group.

The success of AA Meetings in New Jersey

AA meetings in New Jersey is a fellowship of men and women who come together to share their experiences and help each other to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement to be a part of this group is a desire to stop drinking forever.

Here are some factors that make AA in New Jersey so popular:

  • AA is a self-supporting organization and manages through its own contributions.
  • AA membership is free of cost. There are no dues or fees involved to be a part of it.
  • You may belong to any sect, religion, caste, or organization; AA remains non-controversial.
  • The primary purpose of AA is to help alcoholics achieve sobriety.

People who want to seek help with alcohol addiction in New Jersey can look on the web to find AA meeting near me”. It is an AA member at their office who answers the phone. This call is completely confidential.

A number of online AA meetings have been set up due to the extended nature of the current pandemic. Those who are unable or unwilling to attend meetings can attend the virtual support meetings.

All you need to know about Substance Abuse Self-Assessment:

If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse, you need to take the 5-minutes substance abuse self-assessment offered by AA.

This evaluation of some simple “yes” or “no” questions is used as an informational tool to assess the extent of damage done and the severity of the addiction.

You will be comfortable taking up this assessment as no personal information is required. Also, the test is free and confidential.

Your insurance may be able to partly or fully cover the cost of the treatment, in case you need rehab.

There are two types of meetings that are held in AA; the “open meetings” and “closed meetings”. The open meetings can be attended by anyone, members or non-members. You can bring along a friend or family member whom you can trust. However, a closed meeting can only be attended by members.

In these meetings, experiences are shared by the old members about their journey to sobriety. You are allowed to speak about your apprehensions, fears, and doubts about alcoholism or relapses. The condition to join the group is a promise to yourself never to drink. You can use a Sobriety Calculator to keep a tab on when you last drank

With the help of a sponsor, you can complete your path to recovery by using the 12-step approach. You can revisit the steps at any point. Some may need to work on them multiple- times.

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