Success Story Of A Poor Boy Who Became Rich

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This is a heart-touching story of a poor boy who became rich through comedy, The success story of poor boy is so inspiring that it will touch your heart.

A little boy Who was once a poor kid Then became one of the richest personalities in the world. He was known all over the world by people, And guess what you know him too. (Name in the end)

So hold on to your breath, This is going to be an exciting, inspirational, and emotional story.

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Poor Boy Lived In England

It was the 16th of April 1889, When this legend opened his eye in England.

In Beginning, he was just a normal kid, Who didn’t like to go to school. He was not really fond of getting educated. It was his dream from childhood, That he will become a tv star.

But it was considered impossible those days, People were poor, Everyone was living hand to mouth, But this little special boy had some special dreams.

He didn’t let the circumstances snatch his happiness, He fought till the last of his breath and that is why he became successful.

It’s the heart-touching story of a poor boy who became rich, By doing what he loved, By not listening to people. Although, you can also read heart touching quotes to get more inspiration.

Poor Boy Didn’t Have Rich Parents

rich parents

This heart touching story of a poor boy who became rich is not an ordinary story. He was not an ordinary child, he was something different, probably made of steel, or else he wouldn’t be able to service these issues.

The poor boy had no rich parents, His parent were both stage performers.

His parents performed dance, and singing on the stage, and earned living for their child. But not for too long, They couldn’t carry this job for a good amount of time.

One day, When his mother was singing on the stage, Her voice stumbled, She couldn’t sing and that was the moment when they failed their business.

Poor Boy Lived in Orphanage

After a loss in business, Their parents were separated, They divorced each other.

His father was an alcoholic, Who died of too much alcoholism at the age of 37 years. His mother had to take care of the boy, But she couldn’t do it for long too.

Sooner she became mental, and she was admitted a hospital.

During this time, The poor boy lived in an orphanage for 18 months, He was living in a place with harsh discipline.

Death Of Mother

It was a big shock to the poor boy when his only caretaker died, It was almost a heartbreaking, jaw-dropping and deplorable moment.

All his hopes were lost, Who was going to take his care, What’s going to be his future? but all these things aside his mother died.

In this only world, It was his mother to which he shared his feelings, tears, emotions, and happiness, but Allas, She was also gone.

Whom lap he is going to cry now, Whom shoulder is going to give him support, and who will catch him when he falls down.

A lot of questions with no answer, a little orphan boy, with so many stories to tell, with a deep desire inside that is unfulfilled.

Poor Boy Became a Street Dancer

street dancer

There was a time in his life When this poor boy was dancing on the streets to earn few pennies.

This little boy was broke, He had nothing to eat and so he was compelled to do everything he could, Just to manage his food.

Not only dancing, But he stole things from local shops too.

He would sit on the bench in the nights and cry, He would remember his mothers, The sweetheart that left him alone.

Where was he? He didn’t know anything, The poor boy just knew one thing “Food”.

Such was the life of this legend, Long story short he was living hand to mouth and was waiting for some miracle to happen.

I am what I am, an individual, unique and different with a lineal history of ancestral promptings and urgings, a history of dreams, desires, and special experiences, of all which I am the sum total of – Poor Boy

Poor Boy Became Stage Performer

The first drop of success that he got was to be a stage performer.

This little kid became a stage performer in a local comedy show, Where he would show what he was capable of. This was possible for him, Becuase of his father.

His father had good connections with comedians, Because of which he was able to find a job for himself in these shows.

It was not that good-paying job, But still, it was worth having it, After all, he just wanted to become a world-class comedian, and it was possible only if he was given chance to show his talent.

The best thing in your life is to go ahead with all of your plans and dreams, to embrace life and live every day with passion, to lose and still keep the faith, and to win while being grateful. All of this because the world belongs to those who dare to go after what they want, And because life is very short to be insignificant – Poor Boy

The Stages Of Endeavors

stage of endeavors

Though the kid was poor financially, rich in thoughts.

He didn’t ever underestimate his work, He never settled on less than the best, It was not his idea to be a stage performer all of his life.

He had big dreams, huge goals, This kid wanted to be known all over the world, He never had a doubt about his dreams.

The poor kid had no way to reach the top, He wanted to be seen on tv, but who would do it for him? Why would someone give a tv show?

It looked impossible to become a celebrity for a stage performer, He had no money, no big-name but after all this, he keeps working and trying.

This heart touching story of a poor boy who became rich is full of failures, difficulties, hardships, and setbacks, But these failures didn’t change the mindset of the poor kid, He believed in himself when no one else did, When there was no one around him.

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The Poor Boy Became Rich Boy

After a big time of struggles, this poor boy became rich, well, not in one step, but he went through many things that you should know.

The process took a huge time, when he first entered in to the movie-making industry, he wanted to make the new biggest movie in the field of comedy.

For the time being, he was only working as an actor, and thank god, he became successful in his acting, The whole world knew about him in a very quick time.

Jimmy The Fearlesss

After 19 years of struggling, This poor boy turned into a rich boy, He became rich and popular when he cast for the movie Jimmy the fearless.

This movie was a huge success, This spread around the globe in the blink of eyes, Everyone was talking of ” Hey you heard about jimmy the fearless?”

People were like crazy, and that’s where the luck of the poor boy changed.

It was possible because of his hard work and struggles, one day when a movie director saw him and decided to sign a project with him.

The Money

The director took him to the USA, They created this movie and boom it got a big name, It became so much famous those days, People were loving it.

The poor kid started to earn, $4k per month, Which was a massive increase as compared to $200 per month.

Thie movie changed his life, He started creating his own movies after this huge success. He became a big brand, He brought smiles on millions of faces through his movies.

Who Was This Poor Boy Who Became Rich?

who is poor boy

this story of a poor boy who became rich is of Charlie Chaplin.

I bet you already know him, you have watched his videos, But you didn’t know about the struggles that he made in this journey.

He had to sleep on the park bench because of no home, He had to steal food because of hunger, But none of these things put down.

He had a miserable childhood, but he didn’t show it to the world, instead, he helped to spread the laughter around people.

I always like walking in rain So no one can see me crying – Charlie Chaplin

So that’s it guys, It was the heart-touching story of a poor boy who became rich by facing the problems, and working hard.

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