Change Is Inevitable Growth Is Opitional

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Change Is Inevitable, growth is optional.

Change Is inevitable explained

Here in this article, I am going to explain all your questions related to the quote, The quote is so deep in itself that understanding it requires you a little time of course.


What Is The Meaning Of Change Is Inevitable?

It means change is going to happen, No one can resist it, there is no option for you to do anything but to accept it.  For example, The change in your body, your looks are inevitable, They get old at some point in life regardless of you trying hard to protect them, And With the change there comes responsibilities, That you have to adopt, That you have to accept, Some people accept those and grow, While others remain behind.

There is a time when you are young, But then the time comes you get old, all these are changes that happen without your permission.

Change Is inevitable

Change Is Automatic

Change does not need something to affect it, Becuase it occurs itself. The only thing that it requires is time, With the passage of time, the change does happen.

So in a nutshell it means, Change will happen whatsoever, You can not do anything about it, No matter how powerful, great or intelligent you are, You will witness change with your eyes.


Growth Is Optional

Growth Is opitional

Remember the fact,

maturity does not come with age.

Of course, things will change, Your body will change, people will change, You are bigger now than you were 1 year before.

Don’t confuse big with growth, a 6 feet tall guy with no sense can not be called grown or mature, It’s just the physical body that changed.

Growth is about change in your mindset, your beliefs, your life, and thoughts, If you think and act the same way as you did years before you are not grown.

Because Growth is not something that will happen automatically, you have to work for it, You have to give yourself a bit of stress to grow.

That is why you need to change your attitude if you wanna grow.

Growth Is Difficult

If you want to be the next tony robbins, You gotta work for it. You have to read and experience things.

It’s not possible that you grow to the level of tony robbins without giving yourself enough stress. You have to pass through unbelievable difficult situations to be him.

That is why growth is difficult. You have to actually work on yourself, realize and understand what you lack and what you can do about it.

How Can You Grow?

So we have gone through the fact that change is inevitable and growth is optional. and now you need to know what it takes for a man to grow.

Here are the 3 things you can do to make sure growth.

Become Responsible

Whatever duty you have been given, be responsible for it. I mean if you are a student your 100% focus should go into studies, nothing else.


Getting into the mind of someone who has spent 100 years of life will never disappoint you.

When you read a book you actually download years of experience in hours, Ain’t that big enough? So never miss a chance of reading. ( books, blogs, magazine)

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Be Confident

If you are not confident, It literally means you are in doubt of your existence. You don’t understand if you should really exist or not.

You don’t feel yourself as an important person, a mentally grown person will never think that.

So, Be confident and fearless.

Who Said Change Is Inevitable Quote?

John C Maxwell is the author of the quote, Change is inevitable, growth is optional. He shared this quote in 2013 on his Facebook wall.

Maxwell is an American motivational speak and author, He wrote many books, and is a new york times bestseller too.

He writes on leadership, Some of his most famous books which have sold millions of copies are,

  • The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,
  • Developing the Leader Within You,
  • and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.

Why Change Is Inevitable In A Society?

The change in society mainly comes because of immigrants and is inevitable.

It’s because These people bring new ideas to society, These new ideas are usually better than previous ones, That is why they replace the old culture of the society. and change occurs.

What Is A Good Quote About Change?

They say time changes everything, but actually, it is you who has to change everything.

This is I think the best quote on change. Because time will never change you, Time passes, it’s you who will decide either you want to change or not.

With the passage of time, you can grow older, but it won’t guarantee mental power and maturity, It’s a kind of success that does not come by itself, you have to work for it.

Thus time does not change people unless they work on it.

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